Stusserbeast Recommendation for Gaming Laptop?


I’ve been super happy myself with the last two recommendations Master Stusser made for me (Dell, followed by a Maingear system currently).

I have a friend who wants to get his son a gaming laptop. His son is swinging more towards PC games away from console games of late. He’s about to enter high school, and apparently the youngsters do want laptops for gaming portability, plus he can use it in HS (my friend would like to see it last until college, but, that’s a ways off).

He has a pretty decent budget, I actually talked him down to 2k, and frankly, unless you think of a compelling reason to spend that much, if there are good options for less money, and it won’t make much of a difference, I am sure that would be appreciated!

What a great dad, amiright!?

All suggestions are appreciated, including from Master Stusser himself, of course!


I definitely wouldn’t spend that much, I’d get a cheaper laptop now and then another cheap laptop in a couple years.

Here’s a 6 core 12 thread i7, 16GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 1TB HD, with a GTX1060 for $1050. It’s almost 6 pounds so not super portable, but that’s a lot of gaming performance for the money. If he needs to bring something to class when he hits college, can use an iPad or Surface Go or something like that for that.


Super! I mentioned to him that you’ve suggested Dell before as being a good option (and the Dell desktop you suggested for me served quite a few years). I will pass this along to him. Thanks, giving, to you Stusser!


Same to you!


Any thoughts on the models being announced at CES? I’m still holding out for a Surface Book 3 announcement later this year, as I reckon that will suit my mainly non-gaming needs best (truly portable, solid non-gaming battery life preferably 2 in 1), but damn some of these look good if the Max Q RTX performance holds up and isn’t just increasing the cost over a 10-series. 4K HDR OLED options for the Blade, m15 and XPS 15!