Sub $500 mac

I really dig Apple products for Audio / Video editing. Too bad I don´t do that. I fully agree with BOTH pics ;)

There are some apps that are only available on Mac, but for the most part there isn’t anything that you can do on a Mac that you can’t do on a PC these days. I do all my audio/video work on my PCs.


There’s a lot to love about Apple products and a lot to hate about them, too. They do Brilliant and Stupid, Cool and Lame in roughly equal measure, IMHO. Which side of the fence you stand on depends a lot on your computing priorities.

And, y’know, what kind of jackass you are. :P

Me, I’m a closet Apple fan since the Apple II days, but who hasn’t been able to afford a Mac, like, ever. Compared to a cheapass cobbled-together FrankenPC, they were just never cost-effective. I also play a lot of games, which pretty much makes me Windows’ bitch. :wink: [And yeah, Windows has made me pay and pay and pay for that…]

I also thought OS X was a long-overdue revamp of the OS, something I wanted to see since the first days of the PPC Macs - what, 10 years ago? But hey, better late than never, I suppose…