Sub Command Patch Out

Yes - a patch for a game that no one bought ! Apart from me that is.

Sonalysts have released the V1.07 update for Sub Command :

There are numerous fixes but the best is :

  • Broadband: Fixed crash if a tracker was assigned to the Hull array in Narrowband and then the user switched to Broadband on subs without Hull array (ssn21, 688i).

I bought it. I’m just not any good at the TMA. :-(

I, too, have Sub Command. This is one game that really uses voice control well. Adds to the immersion factor of the sim to say “Turn Right to 145, make your depth 50 meters, all all ahead flank!” when the torps hit the water.

Perhaps I shall reload this fine sim and have a go at merely surviving, and maybe complete a mission or two.

I bought it, and I still haven’t the faintest idea what to do with it. When I play, I’ll sit and look at the fuzzy display for awhile, and then when I judge that the time is just right, I’ll switch to a different fuzzy display. Man, does that make all the difference. Sometimes I’ll watch the line-drawing thingie, too, just to make sure some lines are being drawn. And if that isn’t enough, there are tons of buttons to push with names like “PLK,” “MRW,” and “QXSH.” Just punching those in and out often keeps me occupied for the five minutes it takes me to lose the scenario.

IMO putting together a TMA solution is the hardest part of the game. I’ve logged maybe 20 hours with this sim and I still primarily rely on the crew to man the TMA.

Oh… it’s a modern sub sim. Never mind.

I purchased this game, and I adore it. I just hardly have the time to really sink into it (pun intended). It’s a great game, regardless.

I’ve probably logged about 100 hours with Sub Command since I first purchased it.

Yeah TMA is the hardest part of the sim but also the best part. There is real suspense in tracking a target for 2 hours. Of course this is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea and given that most people are severely time-limited these days I would say very few people continue to play Sub Command.

Well, I’ll check the patch out. I too am reliant on the AI for TMA. I’ve attempted it, but right now I’m just in the mode of observing what the TMA guy is doing and trying to figure out how.

Given that, I don’t think it’s “bad” to rely on the AI crewmen for certain things - I’m the friggin CAPTAIN, so I shouldn’t be cranking the torpedo winch.

I also saw there were some user-made campaigns and such available that are getting good reviews from the community… don’t have a link handy, but they’re out there.

This site is a great place to start. It’s got dynamic campaigns, single missions, and all the links you’ll need. You’ll need the excellent Sub Command Extreme to run many of them, however, and I’m unsure whether they work with the new patch or not, but it’s good stuff nonetheless.

I have Sub Command, too, but have barely scratched the surface. I get all happy inside thinking about playing it, but it is hard to come up with several uninterrupted hours to start learning it. I’ve loved sub sims since playing Gato on the original Mac.

The Sub Command v1.08 patch has just been released.

Modifications for Build 108

  • subcommand.exe (version
    Sub Command should display Version 108 on splash screen

  • SonarBB.dll (version

  • Sound: Improved support for non-3D hardware accelerated sound cards

  • Sound: Fixed extra loud “ping”

  • Broadband: Fixed clicking sound cheat

  • Broadband: Background noise versus contact strength corrected

Oh and here is an interesting tidbit from the Sonalysts newsletter :

  1. Current Status of Sonalysts’ Game Development Projects

The team has been working hard on its latest project. While Sub Command enabled the player to take command of three distinct nuclear submarines, it only scratched the surface of what the Sonalysts’ “Naval Sim Engine” could do. We hope to push the genre to new limits and allow the player to take part in engagements and operations never before simulated in a modern naval sim…

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Harpoon 4 killer? Of course H4 still has to be seen to tell if it’s worth killing.

OK, this is probably a stupid/silly question but…surely they must sell this to the military or someone, right? They couldn’t possibly make enough money off of retail sales to fund their development…? :?:


I love Sub Command and usually play it on Sunday mornings, locked up in my study. To say its deep, would be an understatement.

As you can see from their website Sonalysts is primarily a defense contractor, business contractor, and multimedia developer. The consumer games (not military) division looks like a side job.

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Playing sub sims requires that there be no a) woman in your life and/or b)no kids in your life.

My girlfriend will watch me play Morrowind for an hour or so, before she gets tired of it and wanders off. (Of course, she’s exhorting me to eat every single fucking plant I come across all the while, but hey.) I think that any woman (except for tobacco-chewing female ex-nuc Master Chiefs) would watch her significant other playing Sub Command for like a grand total of three minutes tops before finding the nearest biker bar, stripping off her clothes, lying down on a pool table, and hanging a sign above her saying “FREE ALL U CAN EAT K THX BYE”


Why should you want your wife to watch you play computer games ?! I prefer it when my wife does her own thing - she has her own hobbies anyway and certainly doesn’t want me hanging around when she is doing something.

Why should you want your wife to watch you play computer games ?!

Beats the shit out of me. (Shrug)