Sub(s) needed for Dom2 games

Both my computers are dead - my main’s MB is fried, and my laptop is still infested with spy/malware to the point of crippling it - despite it not being on the internet in months, and hours of labor trying to clean all the crap off! Bah. I can’t install any games at work. So basically i’m out of gaming till, probably, past January.

Here are the games i’m in if anyone wants to play them for awhile…i’ll take back over after get things up and running again.

Marignon in Backov Cradle
I’m dead in this game, but its easy to play since its hosted on a static server. You might be able to help, in some fashion, the remaining players defend against Ermor, or maybe have one good battle at the capital. Otherwise you might as well set me AI to get the game to go faster.

Tien Chi in Lutes Cradle 2
My position is strong, but ive promised Pythium, played by Christian Hasslebauer (aplogies if misspelled, can’t access old emails) not to make any more Doom Horrors, so you’ll have to make something else with Wish. I’ve had a gamelong truce-alliance with another player whom will hopefully contact you if one should take this game, so as not to reveal too much in public :).

Mictlan in Anax Cradle
My blood economy is strong, and i’m poised to make big gains - but my enemies have had time to research high up the tech tree as well, so it might not be as easy as 1-2-3. However this game has vanished into the void and might well not return, but someone might want to take it on the off chance the game restarts again during my absence. Probably less than 50% chance of that happening, and its looking more and more like it died along with the host’s computer.

Best to contact me in this thread, otherwise try [email protected] or [email protected].

Also i’ll hope to move all my email eventually to the sbc account, if any hosts read this, so i can finally kill off my dial-up account.

I can pick up the TC or the Mictlan positions for you, but I’m about to disappear off the net for a week for xmas so I’ll start out by staling unless those games are slow or paused for the holidays.

Thanks for the offer but i finally got the laptop to connect. Part of one present includes a Wireless laptop card and i think ive FINALLY beat that f’ing bagle worm. It was disabling Norton for crissakes.

I still wouldn’t mind passing control over if someone just wants to play during the holidays, however.

I had a virus that was disabling my Norton, I used PC Cillin and it got rid of it. Then my Norton worked fine. Not sure if this would help you or not.

Yea thats exactly what i did too :). I might just buy a copy of that instead.