Subnautica: Below Zero (2020, Unknown Worlds)

I liked using the beacons, personally. It made the space feel like it was mine, I got to set the landmarks. Kind of the way I used to like drawing graph paper maps for dungeon crawling games (which of course I have no patience for nowadays).

Graph paper tablet for the win!

I’ve played quite a bit of it, I’d go with a bit smaller. Part of that is just knowing better how to play Subnautica so you can open up areas faster.

Anyone know what time it unlocks? Since I loved the original so much in a surprising act of willpower I avoided not only getting this and playing until burnout in early access, but have avoided nearly all mentioned of it so I can go in fresh. I finally purchased and preloaded and now can barely wait.

Literally just give me a grid reference that I can jot down. That’s all I need. I’m fine with taking notes, but the beacon clutter in the first game got really obnoxious for me.

Useful to know, thanks!

OMG v 1.0 is available finally. Goodbye weekend!

I hope they finally fixed the performance issue with vanilla Subnautica.

Mine says May-2021-44290. Is that the release image?

Likewise. I ended up nabbing a map mod that implemented fog of war so it only showed me where I’d been. Then I reduced my beacons to marking important things - my couple of bases, the couple area entrances I kept having trouble re-finding, wrecks/POIs I wasn’t finished exploring, that sort of thing.

Nice! I had no idea such a thing existed. Hopefully someone makes one for Below Zero too if they haven’t already.

I thought it will auto-update to the release version in Steam and EGS, so no need to check?

Game is loaded and ready to play on the PS5! I hope they did a good job with the console version.

A little less than two and a half hours until my work productivity for this week comes to a crashing halt.

That would be a normal Thursday afternoon for me :)

Please let us know your experience with it. Especially if they used the PS5 controllers feedback effectively.

You are in luck!

Author ported the mod over from original game some time ago.

Subnautica: Below Zero?

More like Subnautica: Kill all sea monkeys!

Well, I plan to be tied up with the Mass Effect remaster for the foreseeable future, but I am definitely interested in seeing some impressions from this game. I do hope it’s as much fun as the original.

So this will be Tom’s GOTY? ;)

OMG…hate that stupid Sea Monkey…lost 2 things to them already…where is my BFG.

Runs fine on my PS4 Pro.

Is the thing that took the dude’s welding tool in the trailer a sea monkey?