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We don’t seem to have a thread on Subnautica, the next title from Unknown Worlds, the developers of Natural Selection.

They have a new video showing some of how the player’s sub may fill with water. It’s early in development, but it looks appropriately wet.

There’s a spot on Steam for it, but you can’t order just yet. I’m looking forward to this. I’ve wanted a good underwater exploration game for a long time. FarSky didn’t quite cut it. World of Diving looks good, but I don’t want an MP-only game.

Anyway, Subnautica!

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Hell yeah, that looks awesome


I found the Rock Paper Shotgun article this morning, watched the video and went by the site. I’m very excited too. I think the fact that it’s an alien world was a genius decision. Granted exploring Earth’s oceans is still awesome and I’d totally play that but here they have even more latitude with the environment. Can’t wait to see more.

Tom M


Sweet, would love a good aquatic game. Looking forward to more.


Crazy to think they did a FPS before this. I am in on day 1, early access.


World of Diving isn’t MP-only, although you can interact with other players if you choose the multiplayer server. The gameplay aspects are still limited right now but they have plans, obviously. They’re really going for realism, eventually introducing actual scuba mechanics, whereas Subnautica looks like more of an exploration game. Looks good though, finally more underwater games!


Well, I meant online-only. I don’t want an online only game.

I know. Get offa ma lawn!


I am very excited for this game. The helplessness of being underwater with creatures that are much more agile and ferocious hasn’t really been explored too deeply in games, and - based on the screenshots and concept art of some of these fishies - I think they’re definitely going for that with this one. I see many frantic hours with my friends and lots of screaming to “open the hatch, OPEN THE HATCH!” before being eaten.

Yeah. Very excited.

edit - Oop, just read that this will be a SP game (at least initially). Excitement still there, but slightly waned. I guess I just immediately figured the Natural Selection guys would be making a multiplayer game.


Maybe you are looking for something more like Depth?


Ooh, thank you kindly for the suggestion! I was hoping for a more explore-y PvE coop experience, but the asynchronous MP and small match size (4 divers vs 2 sharks) of Depth certainly looks interesting. Some of the mechanics (wiggle the mouse when you’ve got a diver in your mouth to thrash him about!) also seem fun and silly. That French (I think?) VO in the trailer is quite terrible, though.


This hits early access tomorrow.

I’m on the fence.


hmmmmm. I’ve been playing World of Diving with my son. I didnt think he’d care at all but he’s having fun. I am one of the hate-underwater-missions in games but these new ones are looking cool…especially is they are totally just made for underwater…maybe that’s the ticket.


This is coming along nicely and looks incredible so far. The next big update to hit the game, will the rather large Cyclops, which is a submersible with rooms where you can store stuff and use to dive in. Man - this game will be incredible!


So its like a single player survival game of sorts under the sea, I read on their forums they are also working on a island.

I guess the purpose of the game is to eventually repair your crashed space ship?


I actually don’t know what kind of, if any, end game they are planning. Right now, its one of the most gorgerous looking games I have, and the feel of swimming in the water is just…well, they hit it perfectly as far as I’m concerned.


I usually stay away from early access, but I should probably get this. I love underwater games, and there aren’t nearly enough of those, plus I’d like to support UW after the amazing Natural Selection 2. Thanks for reminding me!


Ooh, opportunity for a shameless plug for my most recent Subnautica video where I take some of the toys from UPDATE 8 out for a spin! Devs seem quite active as there’s a “test branch” you can opt into for daily updates. Really coming along nicely


Thanks Paul, have enjoyed your forays into this one.


Big submarine added.

Despite my backlog, this game is getting really tempting.


Indeed BiggerBoat, its looking fantastic. :)