Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning


I am STILL finding new things that I’ve never seen before. I think it was on my 3rd or 4th playthrough I found “Sanctuary Beta” and looked it up. Turns out there are 4 of these sites scattered in really strange places.

I do things differently. This time for example, I’m not using the Cyclops at all. I had to build it for the shield, but it’s just sitting parked.

I’m also not hoarding minerals (something inside me wants a full locker of EVERYTHING on typical playthroughs).

I think there is a mod that ups the minerals required considerably. I might try that next.



I played modded one run-through and there was a fantastic mod that let you pull from nearby containers when crafting things. It saved a ton of back and forth time hunting for items in your base.



Seems like that should be a feature of the base game. Likewise if I need A but A is made from B and C, just tell me I need B and C :/



Yeah, I found those on my first run. Alpha confused the hell out of me, since it’s in Lost River and I thought it was the location the main plot had been telling me to reach.

That would definitely make the crafting less fiddly!



Hmmm, are you thinking of the exits/entrances from the large leviathan base at 1400m? Because the sanctuary sites I’m talking about aren’t on the lost river. These are small enclaves with several ion cubes in them.

EDIT: oh, you’re talking about the one you need the orange tablet to gain access I believe.



Technically it’s in the Blood Kelp, but the area immediately around it is like a “micro” Lost River in appaearance. It’s definitely one of the sanctuary sites, I looked it up at the time after getting thoroughly confused.



If you decide to mod, this is one area where Nexus mods shines, since there is no Steam Workshop for Subnautica. :(

And here is the full Subnautica mod list:

If you like the crafting mod, consider the auto-sort lockers mod as well.



I can’t see replaying the original, but if they port this stuff over the Below Zero I’m so there.



So with all this talk, I replayed this recently and then I thought to myself, " could I do a complete run in 6 hours but still using many of the creature comforts - seamoth, prawn, etc?". So then I started up a spreadsheet on how I’d go about it - and then do a test run to see how to find things / etc.

This isn’t a speed run (those guys are remarkable!) to compete. This is just for my own edification.

Despite more than a few ALT-F4’s to restart when I colossally screwed up (got down to the blue tree in my prawn and it started to groan because I hadn’t made / installed the MK1 depth module - despite having the vehicle mod station in my moon pool), I did manage to hit 6hrs 37 min on my first try.

So now I’m gearing up to give it another whirl - not in one session (I’ll save periodically to take breaks) but I need to re-scout and take some notes on how to improve before I start.

Has anyone else tried to go through fast?



I fiddled around with this a few times, and was something I considered really putting some time into to figure out, then I watched a few speed runs and that sort of cured it for me lol.



Oh my god I’m free at last. 60 hours :/



Congrats man!



Woot! Now about your bill…



How many people have ever completed this without a walkthrough? I needed hints or help 4 or 5 times, to find things as large as regions and as small as plants, plus point me back at a couple of things like PDAs I hadn’t seen in passing.

Hard to believe anyone would have made it through the full thing without some crowdsourced wisdom!



Great question, I used hints but a lot of it was due to the game not being done at that point. I had to go look up that, “it stops here, no progress until later.” So I stopped. Then when I restarted I did so fresh and forgot about half the stuff I’d found and done so used the wiki yet again.

It wasn’t so much what to do, it was where to go. With no map it was really hard to understand what was where and where the story could be advanced.

As an example, you get a radio broadcast for a location ~near~ one of the entrances to the underground river. But quite honestly there was a reaper near there when I first went down there and I get the stuff from that pod and bailed out. I never EVEN saw that entrance until I checked the wiki and went back on purpose.

Upon playthrough number 2 I found one of the additional facilities down there as well. There wasn’t anything directly needed there but it had additional story stuff and a couple of alien tablets if I remember right.



Yeah, and the cost of rebuilding your vehicles seemed so high early on that it discouraged exploration too. I wonder if the mode with unlimited resources works well, but you don’t know what you gamestyle you need until you’ve sunk a lot of time in :) I can’t imagine playing needing food and water.



I, on the other hand, can’t imagine playing without them. I’m not even sure what a base is for without those requirements. It would just be a big storage locker. I always wished there was a sleep requirement - all that bedroom furniture and no reason to use it.



Bases did seem to lack something of a point. Some air, a scanner, a wall for the fabricator to stick to…



Well, sitting stops food and water drain, so that furniture has a use. And a bed can be used to bypass night if that’s a thing for you; I think it advances charge on batteries and growth time on plants as well.

I just dig building bases. But even with food and water included, you don’t really need much in the way of a base. Like Alistair says, you can probably get by with a tube until you have a cyclops. And once you have a cyclops, you can stuff pretty much everything in it.



So beds get you through night? The things you learn :/