Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning

I want a second run on normal before I try that. I did my “normal” run as an honor-based hardcore. I did restart when I died.

Part of why I hit a wall with going deep that first run through … scary … scary …

If there’s one thing Subnautica does well, it’s immersion.

I know that all too well. ;)

Keep going! The deeper you go, the more terrifying and yet amazing things get =) There are so many neat new discoveries ahead for you as a first timer! You will begin to gain a sense of ease with the creatures that are around you now and the new things you run into introduce more of an awesome respect then a fear per se.

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@Fozzle Yeah, I guess I will - it just takes som pauses to calm my nerves =) I love how the story is unfolding - when I got to the umm… whatsitcalled… that giant shooty-platform? I was all “oooohhhh there really IS a story here!!”
Didn’t really see that coming, so I’m gonna have to finish at some point =)

I can absolutely relate to this. It’s a bit too nerve wrecking to be playing if you’re already stressed out, so I take it in small bits.
Also - played it once when I was really hung over and dizzy. Definitely not recommended.

That stress does seem to subside as you get used to areas and creatures. Stalkers terrified me early in the game, for example, but I found that the more I swam around in their territories, looking for materials and resources, they became less and less scary until one day I realized they no longer bothered me at all. Then at some point you reach new areas with other unfamiliar creatures, and again you find yourself, after a time, getting used to being around them as well. Even creatures that are a more serious threat can become less scary, especially as you discover how to move around them safely. I think this process or phenomenon (I don’t know what to call it, but the term “normalization” springs to mind) seems to scale pretty well, although I can’t say how far as I still haven’t completed the game.

Yeah , I went from “There’s some stalkers, I need to get away from this place” to " There’s some stalkers, I could really use some stalker teeth".

Also @kristina Work towards getting your … hrm… (avoid spoilers) science up. There are technologies that you find that will change how you approach the game and live in the environment by way of new vehicles, tools, etc. that come with all new sensations as you progress.

I just love this game. I wanna play again now! Someone hit me over the head so I can forget it all and re-discover it again =)

@Fozzle are you playing the Early Acces Below Zero? =)

I didn’t even build a base until after the seabeam event. I just used my little life pod, and a seamoth.

It also took me an embarrassingly long time to finally explore the Jelly shroom caves. I think you need the first seamoth depth upgrade in order to go down there right?

My first play through I used the air breather and a ton of pipes so I could refill at 200m. I think I died once because I got disoriented and couldn’t find it one time though.

I’ve started a new playthgrough, and I’m happy to report that after about 10 months, it’s pretty decently novel again.

I can’t get the Mk1 Depth Module to go down in the Jellyshroom caves as I haven’t been able find the blueprints for the moonpool. But, with exploring I did find the alternative entrance to the cave which is right above the abandoned base (I don’t consider this a spoiler as it’s pretty early on that we get the signal coordinates for it). So I got in there by parking the Seamoth at 200m above it.

So… good.

I just parked the seamoth before its crush depth and used the seaglide to put around down there for a bit. I did need the rebreather though, it’s deep. I did end up going back later, as that area is full of resources. But it’s so much easier (and less scary) once you can get the seamoth parked right outside down there.

This worked to great affect for me too. Hopefully you don’t have an aversion to snakes…

@kristina I have payed the beta of sub-zero last year, but I am now waiting until it gets closer to launch. I am psyched to see it released.

I’m in the same boat. Waiting for full release so I don’t pre-spoil anything with the beta. I want the full experience once they release it.

This is where I’m at. Even with the pipes going that deep, even with the air breather, I can only explore a very limited time and therefore area. It’s very frustrating, I die in those caves a lot.

It’s important to explore the wreck of the Aurora ASAP. Among other things, I seem to remember that one of the pickups you find there is a depth-upgrade module, although I can’t remember if it’s specifically for the Seamoth.

Depth upgrade is not useful if you don’t have the moonpool to build the Mk1 version.

I just wanted to chime in and say that if you loved Subnautica you should definitely check out Outer Wilds. It too is all about the unknown, exploration, curiosity and hands-off discovery. It’s a different kind of game but has a similar spirit and can be as awe-inspiring as it can be terrifying.

I mention it here because @Fozzle asked to be hit over the head so he could forget and enjoy Subnautica all over again, and that’s a similar refrain on the Outer Wilds subreddit! Not to mention, folk there pining for a similar experience always recommend Subnautica in return.

What? No way. That’s the first thing I tried in the game. I don’t remember what it was, but there was definitely something preventing me from going in there. Either some kind of animal or radiation or something.