Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning

The floating island also gets a waypoint from listening to radio messages, so the game is pretty good about guiding you there.

As for the Seamoth storage container, it’s unintuitively in different spots depending on which upgrade slot you put it in.

Also in reply to @barstein from earlier: I had the waypoint the whole time. I had forgotten that the island is simply above (way above) where the marker is for the undersea base. I felt like an idiot after discovering that.

One more possibly terribly useful mod that I will conditionally recommend:

This one lets you drop all your swag into a receptacle and the mod will automatically distribute it out to lockers however you’ve configured it.

I never tried this one out because a) it looked like more work to set up the sorting than I wanted to do, and b) the fact that it looks like it replaces stock objects - the lockers - made me nervous about a bug causing me to lose all my treasure. Oh, and c) with EasyCraft already installed it didn’t seem quite as useful.

I made it back down using the prawn. New river base up and running. Slightly relocated the cyclops but it needs to ho back up for a it for a depth upgrade. Crisis mostly averted but I have to get by homie again just to upgrade the depth module.

And if you ask me that’s another small issue. The depth upgrades require the original as a component. But usually that’s in the vehicle. Worse, if you have to take it out, you need to have a base shallow enough that you dont break things just to upgrade. It’s a little hokey.

If I could code better, that’s an easy mod. Upgrades require prior one in place but install over and replace the original. No more taking tanks/fins/suit/modules off just to recraft them into an upgrade.

I have done a swap at depth successfully. It takes about 10 seconds to remove it, craft a new one at the modification station that you will build right outside the engine room, and put it back. It works. I saved before I did it (I don’t do hardcore) just in case, but it wasn’t needed.

Well that’s good to know I guess. I still have one more upgrade to do so I can attempt it. Being in hardcore mode though I might just take your word for it. :)

I just crafted another MK 1 module and used that for the switch. I now have the Cyclops far enough that I could pilot it all the way down (once upgraded again.) But for some reason I still prefer having a base down there too.

OMG I finally found the final hull piece for the Cyclops! Now I can finally build it. Wait, how much titanium? Oh jeez, I’ll be back in a while.

I only have a single thing to investigate, and that’s at 500 meters. I guess the Cyclops should be able to reach that, given that the Mk2 Seamoth depth upgrade requires a substance I’ve not discovered yet. I’ve finally managed to get my base knocked into shape, a bioreactor that never seems to run out of juice, have food and water being produced, glass tubes and windows, and swivel chairs to admire it all. It’s quite homely. I’m considering building another base though. A little deeper, perhaps.

Huh. You should be able to find everything you need no deeper than the Jellyshroom Caves as best I remember.

Ooh, well you forced me to check the thing I need (something called “polyaniline”… no, don’t tell me where it’s at!), and I discovered I’ve been mixing the hull defense requirements up with the depth upgrade. So, I can go deeper with the 'moth. This could be the way forward. I do need better defenses against those pointy-headed shark things which shred my hull in seconds, but now I have an idea of where to look.

You’ll find two substances you need going down there. Note there is an important location very near, “down there.” Good luck, sir.

I finished my hardcore run just a bit ago. I was dragging it out and building bases and finally just said, “what the hell am I doing?” and went for the finish.

Spoiler pic, do not look Rock8man or krayzkrok!:

The USS QT3 Hardcore prepared for takeoff.

Ok so I upgraded my 'moth to 500 meters and went to investigate the signal.

I’m now back at base nursing my wounds and trying to calm down! I think I’m going to need a bigger boat, as the saying goes.

Congrats! Was the ending nice and smooth? Or did you have any tense moments?

Holy shit, I just built a Cyclops. I had no idea. It’s… wow.

Just keep in mind she’s built like a steakhouse but she handles like a McDonald’s.

On the other hand, its pretty hard to scratch the paint and dents buff out real easy.

One of the coolest things in any game ever right?

And it talks! And it carries your stuff!! Congrats, man!

Note: put some big lockers in it, a replicator, and some plant pots/beds. It’s gonna be your new best friend.

Smooth as a baby’s bottom. I nearly bugged out of one of the lower zones but saved and rebooted and things were fine. No issues at all with the flora/fauna though. There was no special achievement for hardcore, but it still felt good.

The ending to the game is very satisfying. Kudos to their team for that.

Yep, the slow realisation that came with building that (“What do you mean it’s not deep enough… how about here… what, that’s still not deep enough? How big is this thing!?”) and then climbing aboard… that goes into my top 5 greatest gaming moments ever.

This came after I’d upgraded my Seamoth to its max depth and started to get the feeling that I had the means to conquer this world now. Oh how naive. I get a nasty feeling from reading some recently discovered logs, plus information in a time capsule, of what I am going to have to do in the not too distant future!

Holy crap, I’m in love with this Cyclops. The feeling of descending down the walls of an abyss at the helm of this thing is just indescribable. 36 hours in, and I feel like I’ve discovered a new game. Speaking of discovery, I happened to find something really nasty in the deep. And also really interesting. But also nasty, and scary, and oh man I had to get out of there and head back to the shallows.

I added the Mk I depth module, so now I can match the 'moth for depth. And there are two more, so this thing must go pretty damn deep. It really is incredibly spooky heading really deep, and not just because losing your vehicle down there might be quite costly!

I also finally started hatching those eggs I’ve had sitting in storage forever. High five, Cuddlefish!

Not to spoiler too much but have you found any research/items for the third vehicle?

It’s available to build from the vehicle bay, I’ve just been concentrating on the Cyclops. I’ll take a look at it next, I’m guessing I’m going to need to pretty soon as I’m approaching the operating limits of the Seamoth.