Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning


A lot of players download a map off the internet and put it in the game folder where PDA screenshots are held, thus making a ghetto map.


Just starting in this game. I have a couple of questions which I’ll use spoiler tags on.

I got the thing that lets you set up a pipe chain? What is a pipe chain? And said thing wouldn’t let me drop it in the water how does it work?

How do you get the fabricator to make all the blueprints that you can see?


Edit: The spoiler tag didn’t work, so I guess I need help with that too!


Quite honestly I have never used a pipe chain in Subnautica. I know that sounds absurd, I just dove up and down for air. Without spoilering, you get upgrades that let you dive further and have more air available over time, so you get used to it. Vehicles help as well because as long as they have power, they make air and you can refill by popping in and out of your vehicle. Bases you build make air as long as they have power, too. As you dive deeper you use more air. Getting a rebreather helps with this effect. There are also underwater flora known as brain corals that make air bubbles. You can swim above the air bubbles and refill your oxygen.

The fabricator took a little getting used to, but it’s menu driven and shows you all the blueprints you know. They don’t spoil you with what you don’t know, that’s part of the games schtick per-se. You learn stuff as part of pda pieces and artifacts you find elsewhere throughout the game, you scan those with a scanner, and wala, you get a new blueprint. Some things you create use construction other than the fabricator, so you have to make those items first before you can then make the follow on item. Some items require special rooms or external constructors to build too. So just because you scan something and get all the pieces for it, that doesn’t always mean it’s made in a fabricator. The game misses the boat a little in this regard, but you can look up the associated item in the PDA and find out more information.

As time goes by, or as you get close to things or wander into new areas, you will trigger events and messages. These lead you toward new things, new locations, new wrecks, etc.

Wrecks are your friend for finding blueprint pieces.


Thanks Skipper!


No worries, good luck with the scares, this game is full of them. >:)

Quick story, I game with earbuds early on weekend mornings while the house is quiet. My GF will come into the room and if I playing Subnautica even a little tap on my shoulder will scare the living crap out of me. I love how the game draws you in.


Additionally you can place a picture frame and activate any one of those PDA screenshots on it, thus providing a full map that you can easily glance at, say, while piloting your Cyclops or before exiting your base. That combined with the coordinates available through the F1 key.

Another tip that’s probably been covered RE the scary stuff. I found at one point that when spending lots of time just hanging around an area that terrified me, I would slowly become more and more comfortable just being down there and eventually the terror would subside. I believe this could accurately be described as normalization. :)


Public service message: The, “go live,” is today, (Tuesday for most of the North American folks.) Be sure and check for updates on Steam and if necessary, restart steam to validate.

God speed to you guys shipwrecked from the Aurora.


Just thought I’d add that for anyone not interested in using a map that isn’t technically in-game, liberal use of Beacons (you can turn their visuals off when you aren’t using them) accomplishes the same function. I just got in the habit of always having 2-3 on me and dropping them on biome edges and labelling them stuff like kelpforest/redgrass or mushroom/bulbs.

They cost 1 titanium and 1 copper so it really isn’t much of an investment and really sped up my travel times.


I did the same, and that’s probably how the designers meant for it to be played. I do sometimes wish there was a real map, still, though. The scanner room at full range is seriously cool, though.


For those wishing to view the launch stream on Twitch, details can be found here:

Launch time for east/west coast:
EST - 9.15PM, Jan 23rd
PST - 6.15PM, Jan 23rd


Damn it. You guys talking about this makes we want to get back to it on Xbox. Trying to wait for the official release!


They’re live streaming from the Monterey Bay Aquarium? That’s pretty cool.


I thought the release would have happened by now. So does the final update go live when they do the launch stream hours (from now) later tonight?


Correct. It’s part of the stream, the Steam update release. Just for PC, however. Apparently Xbox gets the final version a bit later.

Just to be clear, that countdown is also the time to that patch release on Steam. Also mentioned above, but games played and saved now on the current rev WILL BE COMPATIBLE with the final release.

Also a nice write up from RPS going over future plans. The summary, further content depends on how well the release sells.


Yeah I mentioned that earlier in a thread around here. Xbox is getting the ending added in the next few days, but they’ll be working on performance and big fixing for a little while. I want to restart and play through the final release (though it runs way better now than it did before) to competition. It’s gonna be agonizing waiting.


indeed it will. it makes ne wonder why they spit the dates.


Xbox has always been behind in content and performance for them- I’m mostly used to it. PC is very much their lead platform. They got it into good shape and content-parity last month with the Eye Candy update, but there is definitely some work to do.

To be clear, I don’t hold it against them or anything, especially after that last update. They proved they could get it running well- something many were doubtful of (including myself, a little). Just a little while longer.


I got a tiny 8 Meg update. Is that the 1.0 update? Can’t find any notes on it.


It is releasing when they do the live stream, at 9:00 PM EST I believe. See link above =)


Its happening!!! Soon…