Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning


Maybe an evening livestream on launch day wasn’t the best idea. Glad they made it to 1.0 though. I started up a new game over the weekend, gonna get back to it now and hope they didn’t break the saves.


5.8mb? is that the 1.0 patch? Shows up as version 59783 for me ingame.


Yeah that should be it.

You have to round up to 1.0


Livestream Youtube link (late, I know, but it’s still going on):


Be sure you are not using the experimental version!



just restarted a game. sunk a good chunk of time i to this back in june. game sure looks more polished now! faster too.


What a nice review, capturing some of the exact same thoughts I’ve had along the way. The game is best experienced without spoilering. I’m hoping there isn’t too much of that here that people read through.


Yeah but really though, what is there to spoil? I only played the trial but it doesn’t seem like the most plot-heavy game.


There is a story of sorts, but much of the game is about exploration and discovery. I’ve been mostly avoiding discussion of the game so that I don’t inadvertently read about places and things that I haven’t found yet. I think that’s what Skipper meant by spoilers.


I guess I had the impression that the game World was procedurally generated. So is the map static, if I find some awesome loot cave on the north end that would be there for everyone?


Correct, it’s static, and huge. From the trial, you barely scraped the surface (pun intended.) There is an overarching story plot, it’s your motivation to push and explore further. There is also the associated discoveries of the new areas, flora/fauna, and … additional game elements.

To compare it to another game, if a new player started playing Minecraft, they would initially think it’s just a builder. They would have no idea there is a Nether, The End, or things along the way that get you there. I realize Minecraft is a crappy example though, as there is very little if any story to it at all.

Subnautica has a pretty cool story underneath what you’re doing.


It’s a hand crafted world with a story line, biomes to explore, a world to leave your mark on and mysteries to investigate.

It’s the main reason I started playing a month ago then decided to wait until release to restart the game. I want to experience some of those things (e.g. come face to face with unexpected inhabitants of the planet or new locations) for the first time in the released version.


Well I should have taken my own advice earlier. The experimental game I spent four hours on yesterday cannot be loaded. Geezus.


Is this a roguelike in any way, such as perma death (I’m thinking Don’t Starve here, a little)?


Link here on all the modes.


Ok good info, thanks everyone. I kind of had already been thinking of it as kind of Minecraft-y, what wish building up your base, exploring around, finding weird creatures to beat up. I really do want to play the full game at some point but I had been waiting on a full release. And impressions of it in the thread of course.


Ah, perfect. I like everything I’m seeing about this game, and it looks like it’s fun to play as well. What is the default/standard game mode (like, what do the developers plan for people to play)? Freeform or Survival? Or maybe Hardcore is the “default”?


Freedom Mode is the one the developers suggested if I recall correctly. :)


Survival mode is fine, IMO, for those who ordinarily shy away from that kind of gameplay. It’s not really a “hard” mode in the usual sense, in my opinion. Early on it may get you, but cooking fish and producing water is pretty easy, and later when you obtain a stillsuit and start farming it becomes kinda automatic and painless. Only people who positively hate attrition in games will want to avoid it completely.