Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning


ah, ok, will try that.

But even when it was short range, I had a hard time interpreting the contours to something that I could find. I think instead of using a range and a direction as a guide rather than trying to find it via the underwater shapes.

How do you go & get something once the scanner identifies it?


There is a HUD upgrade you can put in your suit (I think) which allows it to show everything the scanner has found as you are out swimming about. You can literally just glide around to each thing you need, with no searching at all. Wrecks, fragments, sandstone, stalker teeth, whatever.


Yep, the HUD is a must-have. My only complaint is when scanning for datapads, it will show you ones you’ve already opened, which is annoying.


I felt the same way at first, but when I started using the eyeball thingies, and then got the scanner room implant, and used it to find wrecks - wow! It became indispensable. I have 3 bases, 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large and they almost intersect with the 4 distance upgrades. Also a huge huge thing I wish someone had told me earlier:
The scanner room does not show stuff in caves. But if you use the eyeball things and go into a cave, it will! The eyeballs extend the scanning capabilities of the room. This is how I finally located, ummm dang I can’t think of it. One of those rarer things you need to build advanced thingies.


I have to rebuild my scanner room as I took it off, but when I do I will try your suggestion.

In other news, I went down deep b/c I was trying to find some magnettite, found one of these eery areas with these long stalks with what look like octopus heads that have blood oil all over the ground. The music gets really “bass”-ee and these warpers are all over trying to get into my head and this GAME MAKES ME SWEAT WITH NERVOUSNESS.

There was an interesting cave nearby but I only ventured in a bit b/c I kept getting turned around and the music and the warpers and WHERE IS MY MOMMY.

lol. Seriously though this game can go from 'do dee doo what a cool cave / fish / ’ to OH SHIT OH SHIT so quickly.


I had a similar moment. I was deep around one of the structures the story leads you to, in my seamoth. I had upgraded the depth on it and was hovering just above anything that would crush it, but still able to wander around in the cave to the location. It’s spooky as hell and I’m shining my lights on the structure so I can dart in and out based on my oxygen level.

Then I started hearing these strange creature noises followed by a tick tick tick … tick. What the hell could that be? Then this deep DUUUUUUUUM and screeches. Spoiler: sounds I look out and see my seamoth getting it’s ass kicked by a bulbous headed squid. I freak out and watch it attack some more, realizing I am inside a structure, that’s my only air refill point, and I’m several hundred meters down in a cave. Fuck. Sure enough, a few seconds later I hear my seamoth pop. Gone to the depths. I made it about half way back on the seaglide before my air ran out.

It wasn’t until much later I heard the voice of Sgt. Al Powell from Die Hard in my head, “They’re shootin’ at the lights!” The thing didn’t like the lights on my seamoth being on. :(

RIP Seamoth #1


Man the sounds in this game, I followed that link you put up and the next one to autoplay was the full soundtrack.

Such a great soundtrack!


It is indeed. Hell, this should have been in the Thunderdome thread.


Damn! That works quite well out of game! Not only that, but those tracks have such sweet connotations due to the sweet game they belong to… I need to get these in my music library.

I want to listen to this in twenty years and tear up remembering playing subnautica with my 4year old son sitting copilot pointing out bits to pick and discussing base layout and being scared of the big fishy thingy with me.

… and then I found out it’s a neatly labelled OST folder of MP3 in the games’ file structure lol.


The worst part of this game is when its over. :(

I want to forget everything and go back!


I hate going from loving a game to absolutely loathing the developers & wanting to throttle them.

the Aurora is riddled with bad geometry. Open areas that look like I should be able to penetrate, then I finally penetrate only to clip through the geometry about 20 meters into after removing the debris & putting out a fire. In a state where I can no longer do anything but wander the rafters.

ALT-F4, and they can suck it.


So save often b/c my ALT-F4 took 2 hours to recover.

For some reason I was under the bad mistaken impression that a save was done whenever you were in base. Nope. That’s only for deaths, not saves. (I typically saved to make sure at the end of my sessions, this was my first ALT-F4).

Redid the aurora, got a prawn suit blueprint, but I must be missing something because I thought I’ve read you can repair the engines so it’s no longer radioactive, but the repair tool did squat on anything in the engine room & I’m not finding any other paths. I did get a message while in the prawn bay “there appears to be a black box on the other side of this bulkhead” but I can’t find anything and no new paths.

I must be blind.


There are specific damage points in the engine room that need to be repaired. They look like lesions with bubbles coming out of them. Repair all of them (I think there’s a counter) and you’re rewarded with reduced radiation.


What I thought was the engine room (the water filled labyrinth filled with pipes below the prawn area), is not in fact the engine room. There is a door THAT CAN ACTUALLY BE REPAIRED unlike the other 1,000 doors I’ve encountered on wrecks (thanks Youtube) that leads to a much more extensive area of the ship. which includes the ACTUAL engine room.


Finally took the dive into the mushroom cave. Have not been much below 300 meters. Been looking for deep mushrooms>? having no luck as of yet. This game makes me jump like no other.


So, unless I’m remembering incorrectly, the deep mushrooms aren’t actually in the mushroom caves. They are in a few different biomes, ones that are also deep.

Not to say there aren’t good things down in the mushroom caves, however.


There are deep shrooms in the shroom caves. If you have a hard time finding them, perhaps you should go deeper. You know… to get the deep shrooms, man.


Damn, well I wish I HAD known that. I think I found them waaaay away in the blood kelp area, which was awesome because I found several of the items I was missing for construction at the same time while there.


Pod 2 beacon is the source of many cool things. If you can’t seem to find the one thing you are missing chances are good CTO Yu can help you out…


Did land some magnetite wile I was in the mushroom cave. Will have to go back and look around. Found some rubies and the jelly sack things so I am close to making a prawn and cyclops.