Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning


Grrrr - I’m waiting for the Xbox one update - its so damn hard!


We should have a poll for everyones vote for most annoying aggressive creature in Subnautica. Warpers for me, holy hell do they get annoying around end-game. They are seemingly everywhere.


Warpers were fun. They would pop me out of my vehicle and I’d take aim with the Repulsion Canon and then watch them fly off into the void.

Most annoying would probably be the Bone Sharks. Simply because there could be crowds of them in certain locations where I was wreck diving and they’d do pretty decent damage to the Sea Moth.


Yeah they took out my Prawn in my first game. I went down in the trench there near gun island and was new to the Prawn and didn’t know how to get back out. I didn’t have upgraded jump jets or a grappling arm. They were swarming down there at the bottom. Despite not doing a lot of damage per attack, eventually it was too much.

Speaking of Warpers though, I’m running around down in the lava zones and it seems to never fail when I make a huge jump across something a Warper will be like, “okay, let’s see what happens if I take out you of there mid jump.”


What a great question! Many of the larger & dangerous animals became less of an issue once I got the Stasis Rifle. I never did try out the repulsion cannon for anything other than moving objects out of the way on the ship, so @NuclearWinter comment makes me interested to try it in my current play through.

In order of the game from start to finish: (and here is a good list of all of them btw)

Biters: These never stop being annoying. While not a lot of damange, when you’re trying to do something else, they always seem to be there, nipping at you. It got to the point where I actively chased them down to kill them at all times, because I only want to get bitten once.

BoneShark: I agree with NW, in groups they are very annoying because they won’t stop attacking the seamoth. Fortunately, it only takes a few swipes of the knife to kill one, so I left a LOT of carcasses rotting on the ocean floor.

CrabSnake: I wouldn’t classify them as annoying, more like “oh shit” face clampers that always got me in the Agassi Jellyshroom area when I was least expecting it. Once they faceclamped, I couldn’t figure out a way to get them off. It seemed you had to wait for the animation to end.

Crashfish: Man, in the early game, when you’re dependent upon the sole medkit dispenser, these really can make your life hell. Fortunately the sound they make when they pop from their cocoon is very specific and I learned quickly to get the hell out of the cave.

Ghost Leviathan: They got me EVERY TIME in the cyclops, even when dispensing 3 decoys and running on slow (I tried silent a few times and it didn’t seem to make a difference). I would just spit out decoys, take the hits, and continue on until they quick attacking and then repair the 3-4 holes in my hull (one time it created a fire inside as well). SUPER ANNOYING because there just doesn’t seem to be an antidote. If they do any DLC, i really want some sort of harpoon I can use on these to kill them. I don’t mind if it takes 10-15 minutes, if I can kill them & they won’t respawn, I’d be all over whatever method it would take.

Warper: I carry a stasis rifle, always hotkeyed to 5 because I absolutely need to hit these guys after being warped out. Not only do they cause a decent amount of damage, but they seem to work with the others (particularly the Lava Lizards when I was mining Kyanite) which can compound the problem.

The rest I never found that difficult or annoying. I really think the CrabSquids are very cool, and only got shocked once. Their distinctive clicking really had me on the lookout to give them a wide breadth while moving.


I still run from crashfish. That uprevving sound they make reminds me of the suicide mutants in Fallout 4. Same heart quickening sound. The reapers are just straight up, “oh shit,” dread moments. Especially the reaper leviathan, and most especially that first one you run into out past the Aurora. Yikes that guy scares me.

You guys are making me question my lack of using the stasis rifle much. I used it a couple of times then put it away because I needed more inventory room. It’s also hard to target since it has a delay and things move quickly. Hotkey 5 for me is the seaglide, becuase of the get-the-hell-out-of-dodge moments.

I had forgotten the Biters. Annoying as hell. Plus it almost sounds like they laugh at you. Like, “ha ha ha, I bit you, bitch.”


Silent but deadly!


I almost died the first time I went down to the Mushroom caves while I was doing the story part in that area, I got low on oxygen so I headed toward where I had parked my seamoth, to find it slowly floating upward. Going farther and farther away from me. I had maybe at the most 3 seconds to spare when I finally got inside. I popped back out to see a single floater attached itself to the back of it trying to float it upward.


Lava larva. Dangerous, no. Most annoying, easily.


I learned to not let them bother me, but it required a late game addition of a thermal reactor upgrade for the Prawn. You recharge so fast with that they aren’t a problem unless the get right in front of your vision. I just shiv them any time I exit the suit.

The cost of some of the upgrades in the game are a little baffling. As an example, jump jet upgrade and the mentioned thermal reactor upgrade would have made the Prawn a stronger mid game vehicle, advancing to preferred by end game. Instead it is mostly an end game vehicle, when you’re just about at the cyclops stage anyway. The former requiring kyanite and the latter both nickel and sulfur.

I mean, let’s face it. By the time you’re at the Lost River, you’re not that far from the lava zones and end game.


Yee Ha

My first Leviathan kill with Stasis Rifle and thermo blade


Wow. Had no idea you could kill them!


Why murder such a beautiful and glorious creature? did you gain anything from it except a slight bit temporary safety?


Wow … how many times do you have to stab that to actually kill it? Not only that, you powered over there in a tin can that those things repeatedly like to crush and pop. I’m super impressed.


It takes about 150 swipes with the thermoblade - I do 15-20 swipes, then hit it again with the stasis rifle, and rinse and repeat. I was able to do it on one tank, so didn’t even need to get more air by getting back into my seamoth.

Next, I"m going to try attaching floaters - I’ve read that these can work, but I’ve never seen any proof, so something to try.


lol, yea beautiful killing machine. I would rather avoid them, but they are super annoying to try & avoid. I’m curious whether they respawn. I caught this one in the Dunes area, as I was going down the old Agassi habitat in the floating balls area (I really want to build a base down there on a thermal vent and was scouting), and it took my health from 100 to 36 in my seamoth, and after repairing it & it hitting me again, I said fuck it, let’s see how many swipes it does take. Turns out it was nothing like the 10-20 minutes some people had said. It was closer to 2 minutes.


For what it’s worth, it is a bitch down there with vehicles, especially so for the Cyclops. Also note if you take one down there, unless you take enough damage to eat through I think it’s the 10-15% ‘shield’ that the Cyclops has by default, it literally takes no damage. So you can rub up against and push things to maneuver without damage, despite how that works in something like the seamoth, which takes damage if you look at it wrong.

I nixed building there and went for the lava zone instead, actually right on the edge between ILZ and the area near the giant cove tree. I think there is even a couple of vents right in the tree area itself, which is relatively free of any threats. It’s also MUCH better for resources compared to the bulb area. Not so hot for food though, so prioritize some plant growing.

One thing I wish the devs had allow would have been repairing the bases already there. I mean, I can repair my base, why not theirs? Or why can’t I salvage anything from the parts left?


Ya, I’m just building small bases to do scanning and viewing as my Neptune is all ready to launch, I’m just postponing b/c I want to enjoy this planet. It’s amazing with all the different areas the devs have created. I’m collecting all the plants I can and putting them into exterior beds surrounding my main base and finding scads of time capsules. I’m exploring all the caves and really having a blast.

This area is just so eye popping, and I read about how to use the tiger plant to take down warpers, and this area has a lot of warpers, so I thought I’d enjoy the view & see if the tiger plants work ;-)


I got a Ghost Leviathan today.

Was minding my own business, hunting for some magnetite and it attacked me. I figured, let’s see what it takes. It took about twice as long as the Reaper.


Tman, I’m impressed. I give both of those things a very wide berth. You’re all like, “come at me bro!” This is why I love threads like this, I see completely different playstyles and get tips for my game.


Haha so true I have yet to make the stasis rifle or the cannon. Maybe I should think about it before i go any deeper. On a side note I have to figure out how to keep my cyclops charged better. I have one engine mod and keep a full set of charged spare cells but it seems to eat batteries for breakfast lunch and dinner. Have tried running with no interior lighting and not using silent mode but still seems to burn batteries.