Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning


It’s great on pc now.


I didn’t specify, but I’m interested in the Xbox release.


Well, it did get better and better over time. The last real release (last December! And then a little patch to enable the ending when the PC version came out) was actually pretty solid for most of the game- it could use singe work certainly, but it was totally playable. Then they went silent, and over the summer handed off the port to a company known for doing console ports well. I have faith that they’ve got it all in order.


I was just coming to this thread to ask when it would be available on PS4…wow I may have an unexpected expense…


To be fair, it still has significant issues with pop-in*, and depending on your hardware and settings (as always!) frame rate. Still an amazing (and playable :) ) game. The issues appear to be fundamental to how they designed the game and I doubt could be fixed without significant re-engineering.

*A fairly common issue is zooming about in your Seamoth and having a wreck render in around you, trapping you.


FYI this game will be FREE on the Epic Games Store from 12/14 to 12/27.


And that’s now! Free game!


My understanding is that the version on the Epic Games Store has no DRM.

I already have Subnautica on Steam, but it couldn’t hurt to have access to a DRM-free version too.


Now THAT is an awesome thing for Christmas. Kudos to them!


But I have to create an account and install their bullshit client, right?


Uh, yeah. Did you expect them to just email you a link? The whole idea of them giving away a great game is to get your future business. Seems like a fair trade off, particularly since they’re apparently going to have further giveaways.


Oh man, RIP Sunbeam.


First playthrough?


as much as I love this game, I’ve been holding off on playing since official release on Xbox- work, other games, etc. And apparently, this is a good thing. Despite being ‘done’, it still seems to be in Early Access with the amount of problems that have been reported and the are ‘fixing’. Bummer. But hopefully it’ll be good… soon.


I’m not sure I’d play on console, with the performance and other problems it continues to have on even beefy PCs. Plus, on PC QMods allows some nice QoL mods.


Indeed. As far as playing on console, I tried sitting in the couch with an Xbox controller, and it was fine except catching fish was a huuuuge pain in the ass.


The older I get the less ability I have to play well on those controllers. I have no idea why, I’m sure it’s just because I PC game a heck of a lot more, so it is what it is.

The fishing does get easier with a few tool/gear changes.


Eh. I’ve mostly been fine with it- with the caveat that it has been in ‘Game Preview’ (EA), so I’m more lenient. Also, I play with food/water needs disabled- I tried playing with them several times, but it ended up being needless busywork distracting from the exploration/suspense/horror aspect of the game (the real meat, IMO). But I digress.

Regarding performance, they handed off the port duties to another company specializing in such things last summer. So I had high hopes. But some of the stuff reported in those tweets were problems that had plagued the game in EA on Xbox forever (resources not respawning being the biggie), but that Unknown Worlds had fixed, but the port company seems to have broken again. Not a good sign.


Haha, this game is fucking terrifying.


Note that it’s possible to prevent that. But you still end up stranded.