Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning


I notice lag about once every few hours or so, nothing strangely different in Kelp than anywhere else. And it’s not lag, just a stutter for 1-2 seconds. Pop-in does occur but in an underwater game at depth, it’s not a huge problem as I’m playing it. Above the waterline it is more noticeable, with being able to see part of the Aurora at distance, but not all of it, etc.

Friday evening I left my laptop going overnight but paused and continued most of Saturday without restarting and didn’t notice anything different or crazy. So if there is an issue, I’d expect it to be cache related, not memory related. And if it’s cache, @DeepT I’d expect someone has found a way to clear that. I did see one post elsewhere about the Aurora causing lag and there was indeed a cache file mentioned to remove if that happened.

Other than that the only bug I’ve encountered was not being able to use things out of inventory which happened once. Leaving my base and going back in cleared it. I also had a not-quite-bug, which is that a fish got stuck under my base and was causing ongoing damage until I found which part, disassembled it and let the thing swim away. Apparently the player can cause that (chasing fish), but normal fish behavior does not, usually.


Yeah, it is the clearing the cache thing. I was wondering it was fixed so you do not need to do that anymore. I have had some bad experiences with it.


I should note I’m approaching 35 hours in now. So I would think if Kelp caused a building issue, I would have seen it pop up?


I really do not know how long it will take for that to happen. Maybe 35 hours is long enough, maybe not. At first its subtle, you just get lower framerates which you may not notice much. Towards the end where it becomes unplayable, you see major stutters and eventual crashes.

In any case, I am not going to play this again till its done. I have already explored too much and I do not want to ruin the finished product for me.


Now that I know I’ll be wary of that. I’m solidly in mid-game at this point, I think. So going through Kelp isn’t something I do as often.


I see what you did there.


It’s easy to sink a lot of hours into these exploration/survival type games.


Yeah, this one in particular is incredibly immersive.


You guys just can’t kelp yourself, can you?


We’re adrift in a sea of puns.


Gah! Thanks for catching the pun I threw out for the halibut! it almost got away!


And then my remark summoned a kraken of puns, but it’s too late to complain about that. That ship has sailed.


I’ve entered another gameplay gate and I’m not quite sure what is next. I have the Seamoth (fully upgraded,) Prawn suit (semi-upgraded,) and Cyclops (basic.) I have fully upgraded gear from the mod station. What is the next step here beyond deep sea rare resource gathering and exploring the Degasi connection to the aliens and the alien sub-story in itself?

I feel like this is the part of the game being developed still, and I know the end state hasn’t been completed, which is apparently to leave the planet itself and head home.

Is anyone else this far along that can comment? How much am I missing? As an example I haven’t been to the underground river zone, nor inside the alien power plant.


Just spent some time with this over the weekend. I had gotten it a while back to play in VR. At the time my machine just wasn’t up to the task. Did an upgrade and it runs fine now. Was having trouble figuring out how to start building a base. I saw that there is a tool that needs to be built but I didn’t have access to all of the components yet. Going to have to hit the wiki. Now that I can actually run it I found it to be one of the more complete games that I can play on the Vive. One of the funniest parts of the experience is that you are wearing goggles both in the game and IRL. Adds a tiny bit more immersion. The only real issue that I had is that I’m going to look into the possibility of adjusting the UI. Had a difficult time seeing the health dot.


What are you using for controls for the VR play, Oscuros? And what is the experience like? It’s crazy playing without VR, I can only imagine the dread and foreboding I would experience deep underwater with VR. :)


I was playing with the XBOX 360 controller. Motion controls are not supported. I adjusted to the controls pretty quickly. Even with the controller it’s pretty immersive as you can still look around freely. Things only really got foreboding at night. It got better once I built a light. Mind you I haven’t really left the safety of the starting area.


You have some much coming that I don’t want to ruin. It’s a visual journey of high order, combined with scene appropriate ambient music and wildlife sounds. It’s going to get super eerie, hang on to your seat.


Just curious if anyone here is playing on Xbone and if so, did they make any performance improvements? I really like the game but it was so dang choppy. Generally I can deal with a little but it was really bad.


I’m dying to try this game on my Rift, but I’m waiting for the finished product (and hopefully Touch controller support).


I play on the Xbox. Last patch was a month or so ago, after not patching for 4 or 5 months. The game still gets choppy after playing for a while or building structures. They’ve talked a bit about this on the forums- they aren’t really expending a lot of energy/time fixing performance while still adding content. They want to keep the Xbox and PC versions at parity in terms of the content, so they don’t undo any performance upgrades later when adding new content in. Which seems reasonable, but it means I hardly play it- I don’t want to keep redoing the same beginning content to the point whore the game becomes unplayable, and I can never get far enough to ‘test’ the later stuff.