Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning


Good to know, thanks. Guess I’ll hold off until final release.


Spoiler: the performance issues will never be “fixed”, even in the final release.


Explain please.


I’m clearly a time traveler and just looked it up on hypergoogle, duh. Check back with me in 3 years and see how correct I am.


Ah, well I don’t really keep up with the latest on this game so I hoped there wasn’t some statement going around that it was just always going to perform poorly. Three years it is, then.


Heh yeah I was arguing the same earlier in the thread and I’m still dubious too.

Perhaps if they wait until mid 2018, Unity is getting a big multi-threading performance update with “c# job system” and new compiler enhancements they’ve done that looks to provide huge speed increases.


Eye like candy…


Apparently Eye Candy increased performance, and they let slip on their twitter the game will officially be released January 23rd 2018!

Performance infos:


I just reinstalled recently figuring that I haven’t played in well over a year and then some and I’m probably safe from any drastic changes to things while I slowly dawdle around prior to the release.

I’m guessing they’ve changed a lot heh.


I started this last night, damn it’s creepy. I’m such a scaredy cat, as soon as it gets dark or you go outside the starting biome it’s damn atmospheric. Think I may end up with a heart attack.

Anyone got any links to a decent starter guide that is up to date, most seem way outdated and it doesn’t do much to help you get started. I have fins, O2 and a survival knife and scanner so far. What should I be aiming for next?


I was totally the same way. In every new game it always took me forever to move from a safe biome to other areas outside my comfort zone. The trick for me was always to normalize the scary stuff. Easy example: the stalkers in the Kelp Forest scared the pants off me at the start, but later as I braved those waters in search of this or that, after spending a lot of time there I gradually grew comfortable being around them. Eventually, they no longer frightened me and, in fact, now I’m fond of them. I’ve manged to do something sorta similar in several other progressions, and feel this is what the designers actually intended.

Survival or Freedom?

Either way, I am not actually up to speed on all of the changes at the moment. I’ll start looking for a more current guide.

Generally, I would start by setting up a T-shaped structure near one of the 2 geo vents in the starter area (later on you’ll want to install a generator in the vent) and install fabricator and 1-2 storage boxes, then add a solar panel or two. Then focus on getting a mobile vehicle bay up and running. Then a Seamoth.

Pay attention to the story progression, as it will conveniently guide you through the progression. Those random communications? They’re tied to the things you’ll want to find and unlock, etc.

Cutting torch is one of the more challenging tools to unlock, early on, once you realize you need one. Prioritize for figuring it out.


Excellent, that’s a great help.

The game looks amazing, turned off the eye candy stuff but it feels so realistic, I don’t normally do sound in game either but it is so good.


Still playing this. have explored further including2 lifepod locations. I am starting to build my own base and explore the other locations.

I have the basics down, bigger air, radiation suit, rebreather etc. I really need the extra storage space as I always seem to have storage issues and hate not collection stuff as I swim around.

Night is a pain though, so easy to get lost or confused even with a torch…


Do you get any lag in the kelp forests now ( I am assuming you have been playing a lot of this)? They have had a problem where some kind of caching thing gets messed up after several days of game-play where crowded areas will start to get very laggy when you move through them. Last I heard, they had not fixed that issue.

IIRC this game is still supposed to release at the end of the month. I plan on checking it out again then and hope that issue is fixed.


So far I’ve only been getting some hitching in other spots occasionally, but in general it’s better. Plus they seem to have shortened the rendering distance, which is mostly not that noticeable, but I’m sure that has helped some.

Having a great time after not playing seriously for almost two years. I must have spent a good half an hour or more goofing with the scanner building cameras. Also enjoying all the new story bits.


I mentioned in the Xbox thread that I’ve been playing this over there for the past few days. It’s come a long way. The game is still not perfectly smooth-framerate can go up and down, but mostly it’s fine, even in areas that are super intense (kelp forest). Pop-in can be pretty terrible, but I’m so optimistic they’ll get it under control by release, given how far they’ve already come. The crazy bug that would kill performance (and kill new resource spawns) the longer you played and more structures you built is gone. My new game is at over 30 hours, and I’ve built stuff all over the map, and that’s been no problems like that at all.

That said, it still isn’t perfect. Like I mentioned, framerate and pop-in are pretty bad at times (though they catch up quickly). The pop-in was so bad once I actually fell though the terrain- which ended up being an adventure that I finally got out of with a ton of rare resources, so I won’t complain too much.

I continue to love that it really is just all about the exploration and not the grind or fighting- no levels or XP, just a steady stream of unlocks as you move through the world and figure stuff out, and there a ton of scary shit that you have to learn to deal with without weapons. I really wish it had co-op.


Last I tried the Xbox version, after the Eye Candy update, all my water disappeared. Its a rather hard game to play, without water, while everything still swims around in the air.


That’s a crazy glitch. I’ve never seen anything like it, and like I said, I’m pretty far in. That said I always delete my old saves and start over fresh when a new patch comes out. Not sure if you did that or not?


Brand new save unfortunately - I did not delete anything though - is that neccesary? Its a known bug, and the trick is apparently either to exit through a moonpool, or to kill yourself, Since I’d just gotten three unique items (I think!) I didn’t feel like killing myself, and being at the bottom of the sea, it was hard to get up to any moonpools.

The game feels great though! They just need to iron out the last stuff.


I don’t think it’s necessary- and now that I’ve checked, I didn’t actually delete my last one, just started anew. When you say ‘bottom of the sea’ how far down were you? And if it’s a known bug, what can I do to avoid it? Sounds like you’re pretty far along, too- I’m trying to keep things vague to avoid spoilers for people sill in the Shallows.

I just saw this is on sale during the Xbox holiday thing. Tempted to pick it up for my brother.