Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning


That’s pretty cool! With high quality content like that the game is looking good.


I got home today from work and my 9 year old is jumping up and down as he got enough stuff to build the cyclops. He then showed me around the sub and showed me all the other cool things he’s built in the 6 hours he’s played it the last 2 days…while I have had a grand total of 1.5 hours to play and never even made the mini sub. Damn kid.

Good game already…cant wait to see more added.


World of diving is cool for what it is but this is a lot more fun for my and my kid, at least right now. More of a goal, cool day/night cycle, fun stuff to create. Love the colors at night underwater.


Cyclops is much fun!

Lots of people having trouble finding gold to build the Cyclops so here’s a video to help. Also, I locate magnesium which is needed to make the repair tool (Welder):


I got really excited about this game watching someone play it on Twitch, went to Steam to check it out and then discovered it requires a 64-bit OS. I asked my eight-year-old computer if we could look into upgrading and it just said it couldn’t count that high. I’m a little bummed, I want to play this but looks like it’s going to require a new machine, and that won’t be happening anytime soon. Oh well, maybe it will come to consoles someday.


The game is very good. It looks amazing, and it runs amazing, and so far, the gameplay is pretty damn great. I am really trying hard to stay away from it to not burn out on it, but its hard, because its just so damn gorgeous and fun!

I cant think of a single game that mimics below the water surface as well nor as complex as this. I am expecting great, great things from this.

To be honest, they could release it now and have a pretty good game, with 5-10 hours of great fun, more if you are a minecraft type building fan but they are as I understand it, pretty far away from a release.


I found the gameplay pretty empty so far. Just explore, gather, and build. There’s not much threat from any of the sea-life, and there’s no “goal” other than getting enough stuff to build the sub. It certainly looks pretty, but even the building stuff is limited.


Do you find the gameplay of Minecraft pretty empty as well?

Also, as I mentioned, there are tons of other stuff coming, and you’ll only get the 5-10 hours of gameplay so far.


No, because there are a ton of materials, a zillion things you can build with those materials, and as you progress up the building and gathering tree, the threats evolve in complexity and lethality. This doesn’t have any of that yet. It’s pretty much gathering a handful of resources to build suit upgrades and underwater facility parts which requires nothing more than feeding icons into a magic printer. Then you can build a submarine. Then you’re done.

It all looks very nice, and the swimming is smooth, but this is far behind a ton of other survival/crafting/building games on the market.


Well, your socks smell funny, though!


Crash site update. The big ship nearby will explode and sink a few days after the crash. You will be able to craft a rad suit and explore the wreckage.

This update supposedly brings more hostile sea life to your area, so that may be good.


The update also brings “fully-playable Oculus VR support”? Sold!


This game is gorgeous and terrifying.

Building bases is fun.


I’m such a chicken.

Not knowing what might be in store for me at Aurora, I took great pains to reduce risk.

I started by creating a tube connection from my new base to the Escape Pod.

Next I began extending the tube in the direction of Aurora (the crashed ship).

I’d heard that something horrible would be guarding Aurora, so my goal was to extend a tube of protection all the way out to the crash site.

A long-ass hallway was in order.

The work required being exposed to the elements, out in the water. At some point I heard a roar and realized I’d hit the aggro point. So I capped my tube, added hatches and windows, and went indoors.

I could hear my new friend raging, but couldn’t see him yet.

Then I saw this.

I chanced a brief excursion and almost had a heart attack when he suddenly got the jump on me.

Staying indoors suddenly seemed much more appealing.


This game looks sweet, really interesting and pretty.


It’s getting harder to resist as they more neat stuff, but I don’t think I’m ready to dive in yet (hurr).


Can you craft weapons in this? I feel like I’ve yet to see someone with a harpoon gun or whatever in the screenshots. How do you kill that big scary beastie with the funny teeth? (Barstein I would be just as terrified if I saw that thing swimming towards me)

God I so wish this had multiplayer!


How does this currently compare with Far Sky? Has that game been further developed? I can see Telefrog dismisses FS in the original post, but I see them both on Steam and they look very similar.


FarSky is a finished game, and as far as I know, the dev has stopped working on it. It’s not great.

At least this has the potential to get a lot better since it’s still early access. Unknown Worlds supported Natural Selection 2 for a lot longer than many companies would’ve.


Fair enough. Subnautica is a hell of a lot prettier anyway.