Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning


New update! Machinery!


Yeah, this looks simply amazing. I am a bit sad it doesnt have controller support, because it would awesome on my bigscreen tv!


Your big screen TV vs. my gameplay.


What does that mean? That when they add controller support, the gameplay will suffer?


Seriously. There is nothing in this game that requires keyboard and mouse accuracy. This isn’t an RTS or Quake.


And it’s a VR title to boot. I would definitely welcome controller support.

P.S. this game is really great as an exploration title. I recommend going into it with no wiki knowledge whatsoever. Actually, I may recommend just waiting until August, which is when it will supposedly be done, and experiencing the whole thing since it is so close to release time.


You can play it with the Steam Controller. :)

But yes, I totally agree… official controller support would be awesome. The game is wonderful on the big screen.


It does have official controller support, as they had to add that to get the game on the Oculus store.

You may need to run the beta version (same version that also supports VR), if they haven’t yet rolled it into the steam version properly.


Crossposted from the Xbone thread because I’m [I]just that happy[/I]: Subnautica will be released tomorrow (Wednesday May 18) on Xbox One’s early preview program, similar to the way Elite and The Long Dark were. Really stoked that I’ll get to play this game after all.


I’m a little miffed. I love my PS4, never liked the Xbone. BUT, I love subnautica, like the Long Dark, wanted to try Elite:D, and I hate playing games anymore on my computer…love the couch…AUGH…hate that I now might get another Xbone. Maybe the answer is a steam machine seeing as how all those games are on Steam…hmmm.




One of the things I really like in Subnautica is the aesthetic. Most of these survival/builder games (especially the ones using Unity store assets) have the same post-apocalyptic cobbled together style. There’s a lot of ramshackle wooden walls, rusty steel, bent aluminum siding, and rocks out there. Subnautica bucks the trend by giving you assets that look like they came out of a Holiday Inn from Buck Rogers’ time.


Yeah, the aesthetic is great. In fact, I like this game so much I stopped playing it. I don’t want to be bored of it by the time its full release comes about.

Also I cant believe how refreshing it was to play a survival game that doesn’t feel the need to punish you from the very first minute and basically do everything in its power to make you quit. I’m looking at you 7 days to die and Ark!


Bought this for my shiny new Xbox and just dabbled a bit last night. Seems cool, though it runs pretty rough on the console.

Does anyone know how often the Xbox version gets updated? Does it lag behind the PC version by a lot?


Bear in mind that the Xbox version is in Game Preview, you’re not playing the final release yet. I tried it out and probably will buy it, but it seemed a little too rocky to me to pony up just yet.


OK, so on the live stream two weeks ago I was trying to remember the name of an ancient MS-DOS game that hit some of these same notes. I finally figured out what that game was!

Sea Rogue, 1992, Micro Play.

In Sea Rogue, you commanded a big salvage/diving team competing against computer teams. You’d dive wrecks and try to salvage stuff off them, including treasure. Your salvage allowed you to improve things like your diving capabilities, diving teams, tech, sonar, vessels, etc, which let you dive for better wrecks. It was an incredibly deep game that never really worked as well as it could have due to bugs, and this was in the pre-patch years.

So…anyway. Subnautica. Will that scratch the same itch?


It’s still Early Access on Steam, there’s not a “final release” anywhere, I just wondered how closely the console and PC versions stay together as it gets updates.


If I had to guess, based on other games like Elite (which I did buy), the Xbox release will lag behind the PC for updates.


Just bought it yesterday, have played several hypnotic hours…

Love it! I took the advice of not reading forums and how-to-plays and cheats to start out and I intend to continue to do so. The game is hitting on so many of the right buttons for me. Clearly there is a huge world to be explored and visually the game is flat out spectacular. I’m running GTX 970 w/ a large 4K monitor and all settings at the highest so YMMV. But jaw droppingly gorgeous.

Just as important it plays nice. Controls are familiar and intuitive and you glide about the underwater world with ease but not unrealistically so. I am excited to be able to build faster and better vessels to really open up the world to me but for now, simply on the enormous ‘starter’ reef it’s an amazing experience.

I’m several hours in; have done a few restarts before I really felt I got the hang of things, newbie-wise, and now I’m to the point where I’m not spinning my wheels unnecessarily and sort of know what I’m doing, what I’m capable of, and working towards being able to improve my lot. Honestly, I did have to google up some specifics before I got comfortable. I didn’t know I could catch fish by hand for example or different ways to make potable water.

For all that, the restarts, the game does indeed flow very naturally. There is no sign of any ‘grindiness’ in order to do things or better do things. Resources are varied and for a while you tend to collect things assuming there will be a use for them later and there generally is. But I didn’t have to kill 10 searats or craft a dozen fins to have something worth the having.

So, yeah. Hooked. This is a fantastic game to explore in all the right ways for me. It’s vast, it’s detailed, it’s gorgeous and there is a point to all of it. That being it is a survival game. Definitely not a grindy/crafting experience at all I’m happy to say.


That’s awesome! Glad you are loving it.

And really, the occasional peak at “how do I” or a crafting recipe won’t spoil the experience for you. Like a lot of survival games, some things can be a bit obtuse. I’d mostly recommend you avoid looking at stuff about the biomes and the map, or the creatures you’ll encounter. The world will seem all that much larger and more surprising. You’re going to really enjoy the experience of exploring outward (and deeper) from the starting reefs.