Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning


The sharks are friendly!


Fire with a click or hold and release for a stronger pulse.

The paradox of the Cyclops is that one is always too afraid to use it for anything. They’re so fragile, and comparitively defenseless. I ended up just using it as a PRAWN transport.


I am prawnless. I feel such a failure.


Seamoths with the defense system and prawns can take care of themselves, generally. Prawn is worth prioritizing for that reason alone.


Many of the dangerous creatures aren’t just mindlessly aggressive. Learning their behavior can help enormously with your survival.


Yep. I never used the stasis rifle. The seamoth with electric discharge is enough to get in and out of areas.

The prawn is super durable on its own.


Yup. And should you reach the limits of your patience as I did, the prawn can also kill most anything in the game if you know what you’re doing. It’s not much fun, frankly, and it take forever, but when one of those ghost leviathans in lost river has antagonized you one too many times it can be a useful stress relief to just solve the problem.

I suppose it should be noted that the fully charged seamoth defense system can kill a lot of those stupid sharks on its own, if used with malice.

I really hated most of the wildlife (with some major exceptions) on that planet by the time I left.


If you don’t mind two quick tips:
Go slow (also silent if possible.)
Go without outside lights on.

You can speed on the surface to where you need to go, but once you go down, use slow speed and no lights. Yes I know that’s scary, use the cameras as your view, they can see a bit in lower light conditions. The baddies key on one of two things in this game, lights, or sound. Now you’ve eliminated both of them, you’re good to go.

Note that the same holds true for the other vehicles, but piloting a seamoth at low speed is hard, and doing it without lights is suicide.

I use silent running only when there is an actual alert of attack on the cyclops.

EDIT: and I almost forgot, the cyclops is pretty forgiving at low speed, you can actually rub up against and push items at that speed. So getting down into tight spots is a lot easier that it looks, you just rub the paint a bit. (And in actuality, it doesn’t hurt the Cyclops at all.)


10 minutes ago I discovered a certain volcanic region. (Very quiet) Cyclops ho!


It really can’t be overstated how important and helpful that is.


The Cyclops’s external lights don’t illuminate jack shit for me anyway, so I never bother to turn them on. Do the internal lights attract anything?


I was never sure of that one way or the other, but tended to turn them off in dangerous waters just for my own peace of mind. Plus, it’s super atmospheric that way.


Also, using the Cyclops’ external cameras is super helpful when navigating tighter areas.


The cameras have their own lights… do they invite attack…?


As best I can tell, they aren’t “real” lights for purpose of monster detection. I was mildly surprised by NuclearWinter’s comment because it would never have occurred to me to even try to drive the sub without those cameras. What’s the alternative, that completely useless bridge view?


Hell yeah, push W and hope for the best.


It was only a comment online that told me there were extra cameras :/


It’s advice that comes up quite often when speaking about the Cyclops. Sometimes people miss or forget that it’s an option.


It took me a shameful amount of time to realize you could still move the cyclops while looking at a camera. I would look, then go back to cockpit and steer, then back to the camera.

Felt like an idiot when I realized I could drive while looking at the camera.


Not that I can tell. The same for internal lights. I’ve floated right past big bad guys with them. Once I’m out of the sub the do tend to zero in on me, however. They probably smell the poop in my pants. :)

As for the prawn suit, it is a different beast. Really the only things to worry about are occasional damage, or jumping way too far down for the depth it’s currently rated for. You can take attacks on the prawn from darn near anything once or twice. Fortunately most of the baddies in the game have a hit and run technique, so you pop out, repair, get back in and get out of dodge before they circle back. You can also use a drill arm (best) or claw arm (worst) to convince them to move along. So in unknown or baddie infested areas I used a drill arm and grappling arm combo. The prawn suit in non-Leviathan areas is akin to being a demi-god. Sand sharks and stalkers really can’t do much to you while in it. Bonesharks can, but only slowly. It’s somewhat unfortunate that you find all the pieces to the prawn suit 2/3 into the game, and I’m talking about the grappling arm, drill arm and jump jet upgrade. Those along with the thermal reactor module make it damn near the best way to move around.