Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning


Gah, stop bumping this thread until the game is actually out! This is one of those games that makes me so annoyed that I try to avoid early access. It doesn’t help that Abzu fell kind of flat for me on the immersion/exploration front.



Glad to see that Tom has this one on his radar, and super glad to realize that I’m not the only one who loves the Subnautica crafting system. One way to drive that along exponentially is to choose one or more locations for remote outposts (based on local resource offerings and the like) and plan for deep sea expeditions accordingly. Of course, just building your Cyclops also does a good job at introducing you to some of the deeper aspects of the crafting system.


I’m waiting patiently for it to exit EA to pick it up. Looking forward to it.


Anyone playing this in VR?


Likewise. This genre is generally not my thing, but the undersea aspect is appealing.


Well I guess that what you get for buying into an EA game. Trying to run this on my Rift and the game crashes or hangs on the initial loading screen every time. Apparently this is an issue with some people reporting having to wait up to 30 mins for the game to load and others never getting it to load at all. I don’t really care to spend time trying to get this thing to work so I might just get the refund.


Yes, if you’re just looking for VR support I’d suggest a refund. Its not as far along as the rest of the game in my opinion. Its immersive for sure but I wouldn’t want to play the game that way yet. The interface could use some work and there tends to be a few graphical glitches. Its the sort of thing where you try it for a few minutes and then go back to playing outside VR. Oh and the oculus store has the comfort rating as intense, that’s definitely true. Nothing else in VR bothers, but this does. :)


So this is absolutely, 100% correct. The Rift version loads fine for me and doesn’t crash, but the graphical glitches can be highly aggravating in VR (there are weird particle artifacts that swarm all over the screen occasionally that are extremely unnerving in VR, and just the asset pop-in is much more disturbing in VR than in regular games.) The VR interface still needs work. And unless you have a cast-iron VR stomach, the game will make you queasy.

However - I am lucky enough to have a cast-iron VR stomach and Subnautica is probably the best long VR experience I’ve played. Diving is perfect for VR in terms of having a variety of objects both close by and far away to give a feeling of depth, and the limited Rift FOV makes perfect sense for a diving mask. And the alien flora and fauna make this a truly only-possible-in-VR experience. There is nothing like diving through a giant kelp forest or swimming past one of the big whale-like things.

Like everyone else who has the Rift version I’m waiting for them to give the VR version some love. So all I really do with the game at the moment is swim around for ten or fifteen minutes at a crack in creative mode. But even just doing that it’s well worth what I paid for it, because there are no other exploration experiences like it for VR.

YMMV, especially if VR games make you queasy.


See VR games definitely don’t make me queasy and that’s exactly the kind of experience I bought the Rift for which is why I’m so frustrated I can’t actually get it to run.

This may be a dumb question but how do you run it outside the Rift? Every time I load it, it runs in the Rift even if I close Steam VR first


Not to mention the performance in VR is insufficient, especially once you start laying down base pieces. But it’s going to be awesome when they finish it!


Yeah so how do I play the game without VR? I don’t see any option in Steam and every time I start it, it opens up Oculus Home and starts in the Rift


I"m not sure you can at the moment. Alpha software etc… :P


Unplug your rift or add “-vrmode none” to the Subnautica launch options.


Does that actually work? It didn’t in the past.


The best I can say is, it works for me.


Yikes I don’t want to have to unplug and plug my Rift back in for different games, that’s a real pain in the ass. I know 1st world problems


Back to my experience, first weekend and logged about 20 hours. So, yeah. I kinda like it a little bit.

I’m still overwhelmed by the immersion and how ‘in the moment’ I get while playing it. I can’t remember the last time when playing a POV game I felt as vulnerable as when I’m out in the kelp forests for example. My vision is limited, and it’s quiet. Too quiet. And then I hear a Stalker and I’m looking all around, up and down and DAMNIT it’s bearing right down on me! Moments like that will keep me playing this game for a long time all by themselves.

What I am suffering from is a bad case of “Restart-itis”. I do this constantly with games I genuinely enjoy. As soon as I figure out I’ve been doing it wrong or there’s a more efficient way I feel the need to restart and ‘do it better’ this time. So finally I figured out all of what are probably the beginning issues: Making food and water, where to find resources (silver took a while to figure out reliably), building my underwater base and replacing everything needed from the initial lifepod.

But building the Seamoth? Man, that was way too obtuse. I think there was one game among my many restarts where I stumbled upon some of them and it didn’t stick with me and later, when I was doing things better, I could not for the life of me find any of the parts. So I reluctantly found a guide and now I’m scooting around with impunity in my personal submarine!

I guess I’ve seen all of the Beginner’s Reef and most of the Kelp Forests and Red Grass biomes. I’ve been exploring wrecks, inside and out, and I’ve also accumulated the blueprints for some of the upgraded goodies and Propulsion Cannon. I took a tour around the Aurora in my Seamoth. Was way too afraid before due to the damned Reapers. I’ve been out in too deep water and seen the Sea Emperors (?). But I can only imagine there is much, much more out there. I haven’t found any Diamonds yet and I know I need those for some upgrades. I haven’t really fleshed out my base much. I haven’t hatched any creature eggs or grown my own food.

DAMN! This game is too much fun! Both plays and looks amazing. Hands down my game of the year to date (I know it came out Dec. 2014).


It’s anyone playing this on PS4? I tried it a little but the game crashed then swimming was all bugged out. Could only walk around on the sea floor no matter what I tried.


The Prawn Update

Not like this:

Like this:

Pressure Re-Active Waterproof Nano Suit


That sounds pretty neat. Might have to jump back in and take that thing for a test drive.