Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning

The only cost to rebuilding your base is the battery-power consumed by the construction tool. That and having to manage your inventory space for large projects.

I think I may have mentioned this a while back, but also, the orientation of your foundation platforms affects the snap-to-grid orientation of other buildings, notably the moonpool; this confused me for a while until I realized what was going on.

The vehicle upgrade station, which is essential to a certain tier of upgrades, can only be made in the moonpool. In general, this is responsible for the first set of upgrades you can make on your vehicles, which later upgrades rely upon.

Becon scans can be found pretty close to your starting point, you don’t need to go very far or very deep to find them. Do a good search at wrecks near your starting point, and you should find them. Beacons are really indispensable for exploring, and will make your life a lot easier.

They seem to be randomized, and aren’t always there. I restarted and did the shallows three times (probably part of my building up the nerve to leave it).

One thing I missed completely in my first 10 hours, was that blueprints were found INSIDE boxes! That blew my mind, and made the first hours somewhat easier once I started over.

What does this mean? There’s boxes out there that you can open?

Not sure but I think he means the cargo crates like on the left and right in this pic. They sometimes have fragments in them you can scan.

Or he could mean these as well?

Part of the fun of the game is the minor frustration with not being able to get back to where you were just before, and trying to dead-reckon it off the wreck and the lifepod. I have notes such as “220m opposite direction of tail of wreck”. Then as the game goes on it becomes a bit easier to navigate.

Yes I learned that last night, and started trying to rearrange my modules, but hadn’t thought to try rearranging the rest of it. What exactly are the platforms good for, other than using valuable lead? Do you have to start a base with a platform? What you say above implies you don’t.

The only slightly annoying thing about building a base is that every time I start, the sun sets! Trying to align things in the pitch dark while being harassed by those snappy things is hard. Also, stop stealing my shit!

They add durability to your base, which becomes important when you start adding a lot of things in, especially things like windows that really weaken the overall structure. You can fix that by adding reinforced walls, but it’s just another way to go about it. This becomes really important when you are trying to build things deeper.

It can also be helpful to place your moonpool first, if possible.

Those open boxes in the picture yes - I had no idea that stuff could be inside them to scan.

Ok, I reorganised my base and it fits together properly now. Although for some reason the battery recharger I built seems to float about half a foot in front of the wall I built it on, and it’s annoying me. :)

As it was again night while I was doing this, I floated the Seamoth about 20 meters away and floodlit the whole scene. But now I have a cozy little base, just need some materials to start building goodies.

Incidentally it took me about 45 minutes to gather all the materials for another Seamoth (this is number 3). Then I headed off into the unknown looking for diamond. I went a little further afield and actually found some, including another large piece of wreckage about 200 m down which is always exciting. I got chased out of there by a couple of pointy-headed shark things that got my sub down to 30 hull, but I was able to escape and repair it. That is, until it was suddenly snatched away by something very large. Another freakin’ Reaper! Naturally it squashed it like a egg, and I had a 1.5 km swim back to base. Gah, I’m going back to my little motorised DPV! At least out there I found another errant piece of Cyclops hull. Stuff you don’t have seems to be as rare as rocking horse shit, until you’ve built it, and then every second thing you find is another piece of the formerly incredibly rare item.

Back at base, I died again, this time trying to catch some food where I ended up amidst a couple of those poison-seeding dugong things. Some nights I just know it’s not meant to be.

This actually did help me a lot yesterday. I never realized they were things inside those boxes I could scan from the open side of the box. So scanning the box does nothing, but if you swim around to the side of the box with an opening, you can scan it. I was able to find two or three boxes of this kind near my escape pod. Now I can make a Mobile Vehicle Bay.

This seems kind of useless to me, since I can’t build any vehicles. So I’m not sure why I’d want to build a mobile vehicle bay.

Exactly! I believe its random what, if anything, thats inside them, but it help immensely that I have more places to check for new technology.

Those boxes contain about 80% of the early game plans you need, so that’s a good find!

Do you have any idea how hard I looked for those plans! And you find them all near your escape pod? ;)

No spoilers, but I’ve triggered a countdown to appear in the upper right side of the screen.

See? This is why I wasn’t following the radio signals you guys! I’m not ready for this! I don’t even know what a Seamoth is yet! And now I have 30 in-game minutes left to get somewhere.

Without any real spoilers, don’t stress about it. All you have to do is be there at the allocated time. It’s an easy trip. Go on, you’ll have fun!\

(by the way, I swam there, I think it took about 5 minutes or so?) Maybe less, didn’t seem far.

Wait, can that timer appear without knowing what it means? When it appeared I already knew what it was about and had a beacon appear for it.


Yep, sans radio.

@Rock8man, you don’t even have to be there. It’s um … story.