Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning


You can take a look at their roadmap, which currently targets a May 1.0 release (though the roadmap has been fluid (har!)).


I bought this recently when the roadmap was saying it was like early February 2017. Now it is May. In may it might be December and in December…

Fundamentally though it is a good game. I am trying to avoid playing it because after playing it a bit, maybe 20 hours, I have concluded that there is no replay value for the game. Once the game is done, everything will roughly be in the same spot as it was before. It is not like minecraft where the world is totally random. Maybe the mod community, if a good one develops will make it worth replaying.


Whatever you do, don’t get the early access version on the XBone. I was enjoying the early parts of the game- I played it a ton for a week or so. Then I got to start building stuff, and even building a couple small (2-room) structures slows the entire game to a crawl, no matter how far away from them you are. Also, resources-fish stop populating, so even if you want to suffer fro through single-digit framerates, there’s nothing to actually do.

I keep checking for an update every week or so, but it hasn’t happened since October 6th or something, and it’s pretty much unplayable as it stands. I look forward to the eventual release, though.


The Precursor Update!

Looks like end game content! :D


I really do not need to know about this kind of thing. I am really trying to hold off until it is finished, but stuff like this doesn’t help.


Don’t watch it @DeepT , it looks really good!


Too late :(


The update looks nice! My oldest daughter has been playing this on my computer since her’s just can’t quite handle it. She gets home before me today so I’ll likely have to pry her off my system with a crowbar.


So this is still unplayable on the Riff for whatever reason for me. Does anyone know if it’s possible to boot this in non-VR mode? I see no option for that anywhere on Steam.


So, are you going to buy here some new hardware for Christmas? I have a really high-end system, but in places subnautica really chugs. I didn’t notice it first. Maybe it was building things in the world or perhaps I just made to areas I had not been in before. The thing is, when I got frame-rate issues, it didn’t seem to be related to where I was.


Funny you should ask that! But yes my wife is building her a new system for Christmas. We even sent her new case down to her uncles house and he and a friend went over it and powder coated it and painted it with some kick ass auto paint, all glossy and sparkly. Thankfully my daughter doesn’t read QT3 so I can let that one out finally lol, christmas secrets suck!


It (DeepT’s chugging) might be related to game save caches. I’ve had to clear mine out a couple of times. Delete CellCache and CompiledOctreesCache folders in \Steam\steamapps\common\Subnautica\SNAppData\SavedGames\slotnumber, that is, your save slot. No more chugging after that.


Also this:


You’re crazy - what you want to do is wait until it hits v1, and the VR performance is acceptable! This is going to rock once it’s working properly - don’t spoil it all by playing an unfinished game in non-VR. :)

If you insist though, there was an update today and it boots in non-VR mode fine for me just by selecting this:


Ha yeah you’re probably right, it’s not like I don’t have a bunch of other games to play right now. It’s just people keep bumping this thread making me jealous…


Started playing with the Scanner Room. Upgraded the cameras for longer distance and speed, then got distracted by another project. Came back later and found I’d lost two cameras. I jump on Camera 3 and immediately find myself in the jaws of a stalker. Turns out they LOVE the drones and treat them like chew toys. Chew toys that you can ride around in. Hilarious.


Well I installed this again and started playing with it. Has anyone started a new world in this patch? I a can’t find blast fish anywhere. I swear I am in the same caves that had them before, but nothing. I spent over an hour looking in caves in the shallow seas and kelp forests and not a single blast-fish is to be found. Am I really unlucky or is world gen bugged?


I just started a new save with the update and found a Crashfish and got powder fairly close to the starting location. Experimental mode, but should also apply to normal mode.


I finally found a cave with crash fish. So far, its the only cave in the entire game that had them. So basically my world has exactly 3 crash fish spawners. Right now I think I have every basic tech except the water purifier (which I have been hunting for, for hours) and the prawn suit fragments, which apparently have made so you need to collect like 16 of them or something.

Also, silver is still really hard to find while I am regularly dumping gold.
The kelp forests started killing my frame rate, especially the northern one. I frequently will crash several times trying to make it through it. It didn’t use to be this way, but now that who area is a crash zone.


I’m pretty sure they tweaked the spawn tables for Crashfish; I started yet another new save yesterday and had a more difficult time locating any. You really have to hunt for them, now.

You’re right, gold is overabundant. Not sure about silver post-update, yet.

Yeah, the Kelp Forest (and lava vents) are hard on framerates. Clearing caches seems to be helping in my case.

The new Ping Manager feature is incredible (experimental only). Been using it to investigate/track signals obtained from the Communications Relay which, by the way, is beginning to eke out more pieces of the story and play a more central role in the game. Once you have several signals and beacons out there, it starts to become less manageable, but still a great feature.