Subscription music: Zune vs. iTunes vs.?

Problems - i don’t own a Zune or an iPod.

Requirements - work, car, home. Large library.

In case you’re not aware, apparently Apple is “in discussion” with the music industry about creating an all-you-can-eat iPod tax that they would pay the music companies in return for unlimited downloads from their service. The numbers have been run, and it’s something like for each iPod sold, iTunes sells about 35 songs. Obviously, then, the majority of iPods are being used to run existing music or file-shared collections. Someone, somewhere approached Apple or vice versa, and now they’re in talks. So, if Apple applies an 80$ tax, the record companies win, or something, from what they’re actually buying today. Needless to say, indie labels / foreign labels lose horribly (i would imagine), and it turns iTunes into simply a mass-market pushing service.

BUT… if this were true, it certainly would be a better deal than the Zune marketplace. Well, of course, i’d still have to use an iPod…

Any thoughts?

But what if I want to put the same music on two (or more) iPods? I have to pay $80 on top of every iPod I own? No sale.

After seeing the shit that Apple’s DRM caused in my household just trying to share between two people and two PCs, I am happy with the DRM-free services like Amazon et al.

One of the more intriguing reports I read was that the subscription service would let you permanently keep a number of songs each year, 50 or so. But it also said the plan was only to allow subscriptions for iPhones, since those already had a monthly billing system set up, and charge the flat fee for regular iPods.

Zune Pass lets you use up to three Zunes with one account, so MS has that advantage. Using my account for no charge was a big selling point for my wife’s decision to go Zune instead of iPod.

I’m curious what problems you had? Me & my wife sign in with the same Apple ID and it works great. We can both have songs we purchase on our own iTunes/iPods.

We had two PCs, each driving its own single iPod. They both bought from the same iTMS account. If I wanted to load a song on an iPod (or just iTunes) on the opposite PC from the one that had initially purchased and downloaded it, I had to copy the file onto the second PC and then activate it again. Apple DRM allowed network play, but not network burning or network iPod loading.

Without DRM, either PC can treat the other’s library like any other network drive and copy/play/burn whatever, whenever.

Edit: Also once we both bought the same song on different PCs. Apple didn’t tell us, they just took the dollar again.

Apparently the Zune branded FM car tuner sucks… sucks so badly that it’s unusable.

Also, if i get a Zune subscription, can i download tunes on my home and office computers without a Zune, or would i need to use the Zune to ferry songs around?

Subscription music? Buh? iTunes doesn’t do it, and I don’t know about Zune… I think your choices are Napster and… Napster?

I haven’t checked out the Zune marketplace, but between iTunes and eMusic you can find pretty much anything.