Subwoofer dying?

I’ve got one of those Sony 5.1 systems, nothing fancy like individually bought components, just a nice system for enjoying DVDs in an apartment living room. It’s pushing three years old now, and this past week my sub has started cutting out at random. I’ll be watching something on TV piped out through the system (well, technically watching it off a PC which is running video out to the TV and standard stereo audio out to the system in question), hear a sort of muffled pop, and the sub dies. It still has power to it (at least enough that the green power light is still on), but no audio output whatsoever. If I leave it off for a while, when I turn it on again later it will work for a while, then cut out again.

I checked the cables and they seemed ok, is there any other easily fixable cause that could be messing it up? If not, how do I test whether the problem is with the sub itself or the receiver sending out the signal to it? Anyone help/advice/whatever is appreciated.

Do a continuity check on the circuits in the power/signal distribution circuit, the green power light is on a separate part of that. It could be that a line or circuit heating problem is to blame which may explain the problem occuring AFTER you first start the system.

Ummmm - have you any electrical circuit training?

Nope. Most of that flew over my head, all I got was that it could be a power issue even with the green light on. Thanks for responding though!