Subwoofer next to PC?

I was wondering if there is truth to the statement that one shouldn’t place a PC right next to a subwoofer. I have a large subwoofer that is probably not shielded and was hoping to place it next to my secondary pc underneath my TV. There would be about 2 inches space inbetween.

The magnet in the subwoofer is obviously a concern, but how susceptible to damage are PCs really?

Hope someone can give me some advice…

I’ve had a subwoofer about 6 inches away from my PC for the last two years, and I’ve had NO PROBLEMS WITH IT WHATSOEV

What damage do you fear?
It might cause temporarily wonky images if it’s really fucking close to your screen, but I seriously doubt it can damage anything inside your case.

If you fear dataloss then don’t. It takes an industrial grade electromagnet to damage data on a harddrive.

Take a large fan and place it close to your pc. Turn it on and watch your monitor make pretty wavy lines. I speak from personal experience.

Really, really close to the hard drive heads is a very powerful magnet. Big speakers aren’t gonna do anything to it.

As mentioned, they can damage CRTs (not LCDs). I put some big magnets next to one for fun and the purplez never quite went away.

Ok, sounds like I shouldn’t need to stress about data loss then…
Thanks for the info!