Succession - HBO

Two episodes in, and I’m quite enjoying it. Sure, the uber-rich dysfunctional family with a patriarchial God-Emperor is a cliche, but the performances (esp. Brian Cox) make it worthwhile. Plus having a bottle episode this early is a little unusual, although I guess the point was to further define the characters.

I was meaning to make this thread myself. I’m enjoying it, too. Great cast, and by many of the folks who did The Big Short.

Kieren Culkin is great as the younger brother. You could see how his dad probably favors him, but is also disturbed by his sheer asshole-ness. The bet he made with that little kid clearly upset Logan.

Episode 2 was really funny, played more as black comedy than drama. I’m liking it a lot, although God knows if I can actually empathize with any of these rich douchebags. They make Ax and Wags from Billions seem like real salt-of-the-earth types.

Also watching. It’s a testament to the creators that the show is watchable with zero likable characters.

Renewed for Season 2

Already? Yay.

I’m finishing up Episode 2 and the characters are almost all universally unlikeable, and hilariously pathetic in different ways. It’s sort of like a much more twisted version of Arrested Development.

Cousin Craig/Greg would normally be the audience surrogate in this kind of situation, but he’s a spineless, hopeless, easily-manipulated loser, and I want him to go down the most.

But, yeah, I’m enjoying it, too. It’s like some bizarre amalgamation of the Trumps and Murdochs ripping into one another.

This is very well done, but I’m not sure I want to spend a whole season (or two) watching awful people be awful.

The funny thing is that an unlikeable set of characters is exactly why I couldn’t get into Sons of Anarchy, but for some reason this works for me.

That’s why I checked out of Transparent after the first episode.

Huh I thought in Transparent they were vulnerable, not awful. Maybe a little awful, it’s been a while.

I have the same story as you but with “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. What shits those people are.

Yeah, the characters in Transparent are all pretty self absorbed and whatnot, but I find them far, far more likeable than the epically entitled brats in Succession.

But I’m liking Succession so far. If you go for straight satire/comedy it’s easier to keep a show enjoyable without many/any sympathetic characters (Veep, Always Sunny). Succession seems to be trying to do the same, but within a more dramatic context. (Ep 2 really played like black comedy in a lot of ways, though.) We’ll see how it goes. Brian Cox alone buys a lot of good will in my book.

He’s good. It’s funny to see his character surrounded by sycophants and watch him try to reflect it back with forced gratitude. “Oh, old bread. Thank you.”

Pawning off the watch on the kid’s family in the pilot was hilarious.

Yeah… the guy that gave him the watch. There’s something weird about him. I keep thinking he’s Peyton Manning.

That’s Matthew Macfayden!!!

As in Spooks/MI-5 and Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightley version).

“You fucking idiot”.

I’m more convinced than ever this is meant to be a black comedy. The again, I found Dallas hilarious, so who knows?

One thing I may have missed in last night’s episode:

Did someone else slip the retirement announcement into Kendall’s speech, or was he lying?

Oh, I definitely think it was slipped by someone.

Who it’s not:

Kendall, who was surprised by the news.

Connor, who was also surprised by its presence.

Tom - He’s not technically family (yet) and wouldn’t have that kind of pull to put it in.

Who it was (possibilities)

Roman - Not likely. Logan coming back and reinstating Frank screwed him over. But, on the other hand, this is Roman we’re talking about.

Shiv - Possible, but not seeing it. She hasn’t really shown her cards, but I can’t see a motive.

Greg - He’s showing to be a player, but he wouldn’t have that kind of pull to have something inserted in the teleprompter. The only way is that if someone used him as the messenger.

Marcia - That’s my bet. She wants to get Logan motivated, and she doesn’t like any of the kids.

His initial appearance to us is of a gawky loser but it’s clear something is planned for him. He’s always around sensitive moments like when Kendall is talking to Stewart in the cafe or when that older consultant guy that Kendall dismissed is seen outside talking to someone on that bench. And then he’s there when Tom gets the information about the stuff that no one talks about.

It’s like that’s all he does, is walk around to eavesdrop on secret conversations. And pluck the leftovers up from the meeting room food lol.