Succession - HBO

The consultant guy is actually their main competitor. If Logan is Murdoch, then “Lifeboats” Furness is a Moonves or Diller. And the guy he’s talking to on the bench is Kendall’s buddy/investment banker who just bought a $4 billion stake in Roystar, along with a board seat…

Greg recognized the investment banker because he say him and Kendall in the coffee shop, but I doubt he has any idea who Lifeboats is.

Definitely feels that way.

Feels like Armando Ianucci without the frantic energy.

Spoilers for last night


The palace coup went off about as well as could be imagined; and now the plotters are being rounded up and shot in the town square.

Kendall fucked it up by overthinking it about a half-dozen ways.

Roman is all bark and no bite.

Didn’t watch the preview for the next episode, but wonder how the now-fired move forward.

Oh, yeah, and cooked songbirds are very much a thing

I liked it a lot except for the closing moments. Drawing a parallel to the American labor movement was a bit off-putting.

I just took a naive reading that ‘whose side are you on’ expresses the rift within the family. Also, cool song! Never heard it before.

If you never heard it you wouldn’t be expected to know but it was the anthem of (mostly Socialist) union organizers about a hundred years ago.

Oh, I gathered the union message from the lyrics. But I don’t see how those lyrics can be construed to apply to the situation in the episode, so I just assumed that the refrain was why they chose it.

Huh. Thanks for the link about the ortolan, I learned something.

I’ll say this for the show’s writers, they are certainly not afraid to take a pass on the expected ending. It was almost like a final episode. Like you I’m curious about how they keep it going with so many characters fired.

Wow, that was one of the best, and most darkly hilarious, episodes yet. It’s all coming into focus.

“Ask her where she was on 9/11.”

This is the show I look forward to most every week, now. It’s really something. Like King Lear done as a black comedy.

I like where they’re taking Kendall’s character.

Yeah, Kendall seemed to have a wake-up call in regards to the dog story.

Also, some of the dialogue sounded like Ianucci, so I finally looked up Jesse Armstrong. Nice American-sounding name, right? Nope. English. And he wrote 15 episodes of The Thick of It(!!!),along with a ton of episodes of Peep Show and other top-notch British comedies.


Also, Tom’s story this week was the funniest.

“It’s sort of like a closed-loop system.”

Oooh, had no idea there was an Ianucci connection here.

Not surprisingly, it was the insult-hurling that tipped me off.

This continues to be a very good show about terrible, terrible people.

“You’re quite plausible” is the best line so far.

It just gets better and better. The latest episode even topped the one set during Thanksgiving.

And poor Greg.

Glad to hear this is a good one. It begins airing in the UK tomorrow on , amusingly, Sky Atlantic.

Yeah, instead of the penultimate episode 9 being the big throw down (as is wont with most HBO shows), the fireworks will go off in the season finale.

So, Kendall once again can’t shut up. Normally I say he’s totally helpless unless he’s on drugs (when he showed up at the ranch high he was more confrontational and assertive than we’ve ever seen him), but he’s once again on the wagon and totally insecure and wishy-washy.

No, he was doing coke in one scene (in the bathroom, I think).

Yeah, and ordering actual drinks at the reception bar, I think.

He’s a nervous ball of energy and may subconsciously be trying to torpedo his own deal.