Suck It Down Galaga, Suck It Down

After 22 years, tonight, I have finally made Galaga my b*tch. Oh yeah. Sure, I used the “don’t kill left two guys on first level, wait for 15 min untill they don’t fire” cheat but so what? It worked. 500,041 points, level 62. I only stopped because The Daily Show was starting. I never have to play again.

I can finally cross one game off my list, but now I’m on a roll. Cower oh “Time Pilot”, for you are next one my list, and I wouldn’t leave town either “Star Castle”, because you are not too far behind.

Say what? Could you explain this cheat code?

This is not really a “cheat”, I’d call it a “bug”.

  1. You must be playing the actual arcade game, or an emulated version (MAME, PS1/PS2 Namco Museum). The GBA version did not seem to work, but it might, the 7800 and Nintendo NES versions don’t seem to work at all.

  2. On the first level, make sure not to kill the two left-most blue bees. Kill everything else.

  3. You must dodge their fire and wait for 10-15 mins. Don’t fire yourself, as it seems to reset the timing.

  4. You will notice that at first, every time the bees come at you, they fire 1-4 shots. Soon, they will fire only on every-other pass, and finally they stop firing altogether. Make sure to let them pass at least 3 times without firing before killing them.

  5. If you have done this right, no enemies will fire for the rest of the game. Galaga is still hard, even if they don’t fire, but if you get into the proper rhythmn, you can make that eveil space mutant Galaga “suck it down”.

  6. Also, this will work in two-player game as well, and it will work for both players, even if jus tthe first player spends the grueling 15 mins watching two little bees dance down the screen

I’m going out to the salvage yard now. Thanks for playinjg.

I’d like to meet the person that figured this out and find out if they’ve had sex yet.

Sex with Galaga? I didn’t know that was an option. Does it have something to do getting double ships? Wow, maybe I’m not don’t with the game after-all.

Yeah, it sounds like it might even be a bug in the hardware. That’s the best explanation for why it doesn’t appear in emulators. It’s very unlikely the game code is modified at all, but the emulators probably work the way the original hardware is documented, leaving out some quirk with a timer choking when it overflows or something.

So you couldn’t even find the bug by analyzing the relatively small assembly code.

Actually, it does appear in the emulators, at least the PS1 version of Namco Museum, which is what I played it on. The 7800 version was definately not emulated, and I don’t believe the NES or TG16 versions were emulated either, so that would explain why it would not show-up in those. The only questionable one is the GBA version, which I thought was emulated, but it might not be.