Sugar Bowl

LSU’s foot, Notre Dame’s ass. For the last month all I’ve heard about is Brady fucking Quinn and tonight JaMarcus Russell dropped a statisitcal Cleveland Steamer on the Irish D.

Another vote for a college playoff.

Nobody with much of a knowledge of college football gave the Irish much chance in this game. They got pummeled both times they played good teams this year, they barely beat Ga. Tech and needed a miracle (or, if you know Michigan State, the inevitable) to beat MSU.

They hadn’t won a bowl game in years, because they routinely get more credit than they deserve and end up in a bowl mismatch.

I’m not sure that this game is more wood for the playoff fire, just because it was a mismatch from the start. Not that the bonfire needs more fuel after the Boise State win.

Bonus: The LSU cover sealed my college bowl pool win. $150, baby.

Isn’t this like 9 bowl losses in a row for ND?

(And ain’t it great?)

I think LSU could beat Ohio State, that’s all. But, since they didn’t beat Florida, the Gators get the shot.

LSU will always find a way to screw up with Les Miles at the helm.

ND has a pretty solid track record of getting raped in the ass in bowl games. It’s pretty funny to watch. Oregon State has done it twice in the last six years. It’s even funnier when it happens with Weiss at the helm, given all the absurd adoration he gets from the press.

Of all the games, this one isn’t a case for a college football playoff. Notre Dame didn’t deserve to be in a BCS bowl. They were Top 5 (maybe even Top 3) preseason and they came in the game as #11 in the country. They just didn’t seem to be that good.

I liked the montage of the Notre Dame QBs and their achievements. Theisman, Montana, Heisman Trophies, National Championships, etc. Then Quinn’s picture popped up and underneath it read “Won the Maxwell Trophy”. Oookay.

Potentially, this year’s NFL draft crop of QBs is looking solid. Quinn, Russell, Smith, Brohm, Brennan, and a few I’m forgetting to mention.

Woohoo! The SEC kicks ass…and stuff.

Now all Florida has to do is beat a weak _ ;) _ OSU team and our conference is golden.

Weis has the best winning percentage for an Irish coach going back 32 years to the Parseghian era. Sure, it’s only two seasons, but choose two consecutive seasons of any of his recent predecessors and it’s still the best two season span, all using players inherited from someone else’s recruiting. He managed to turn Quinn’s play around as well (although seriously, Quinn just dropped a turd in this bowl game – I’m real curious how bad that would affect his draft status. Then again, McNabb sucked in his bowl game right before leaving as well).

Weis - 9-3, 10-2
Willingham - 10-3, 5-7, 6-5
Davie - 7-6, 9-3, 5-7, 9-3, 5-6

You have to go all the way back to early 90s Holtz to find a similar record, and Holt’z last 3 seasons were 6-5, 9-3, 8-3

So it’s early to anoint Weis as the next Knute Rockne, but so far he’s done pretty well given ND’s difficulties attracting top talent.

In term of the teams considering him or any top-tier draft QB (the Lions, the Raiders, etc.) I’d say not much, if any. Playing in Weiss’ pro-esque system is a big plus, regardless of how badly ND honked the Sugar Bowl.

Quinn wasn’t ND’s problem. He didn’t have an awful game, so I doubt it affects his draft much. He just went up against one of the best Ds in the nation. LSU has probably 5 first round picks in the upcoming draft (at least). ND has two, both on offense. LSU has talent at just about every position on the field. ND has talent at a few, mainly QB, RB, and WR. There was no way Quinn was going to carry ND through this game.

I just realized that Early Doucet is my current favorite athlete name.

Survey reveals many consider Notre Dame the Yankees of playing like shit.