Sugar Gliders as pets

Whoa whoa whoa.

What kind of pro-canine propaganda did you get that crap from, fucktard? Why would anyone want some degenerate hobo skulking around their house, crapping on their wardrobe whenever it’s not busy sexually molesting their friends? Did you know that, on average, 17,000 American children are mauled by pet wolves every minute? I’m sure it’s a “tradition” in your family to dress up wild animals in sweaters, but to any rational human being it’s just sick. How many innocents have to die because you need a surrogate friend?

EDIT - Decided not to take the bait after all.

What state are you in? Get a hedgehog.

It’s not really bait. This early in the day, it’s all just chum.

Even better in two years when you get tired of it, you can shoot it and have it stuffed standing on its hind legs holding an ashtray in its front paws.

Good times!

I can’t help but think Sugar Glider would be a great name for a condom brand.

Sorry guy, I’m not letting anything remotely related to sugar gliders near my private parts.

It was a great name for a band, back in the day.

And barstein, good call on giving them the pass. They’re wild animals that should stay wild.

I had a hedgehog and it was a terrible pet. If you like picking up a prickly spine ball and hisses and foams at the mouth, then you might be unlike me and a good hedgehog owner. Even more sad, it died from the Hedgehog version of Multiple Sclerosis - Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome. Watching it slowly lose all control of its body and then die was not my idea of a good time.

It was – so twee!


My ex-wife and our daughter got a sugar glider to go with the 30+ ferrets they acquired post-divorce (don’t ask - I can’t even imagine what kind of freak-house they live in).

The sugar glider apparently died an early, tragic death. I’ll spare you the details, but allow me to give you one bit of advice in case you decide to go the sugar-glider route: Close the lid on the toilets when you are done using them.

One time I mentioned non-lubricated condoms (can’t remember the context) at my college job, near the receptionist desk where all of us gathered to talk. The receptionist, a young West Indian woman with a deep accent, scowled at the idea of a non-lubricated condom, calling it pointless and stupid. No one said anything for a few seconds until my one friend dryly pointed out that now everyone knew the receptionist was no fun on a date.

Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome would also make a great band name.

that sounds incredibly fun, if somewhat messy.

If you’re doing things correctly, you shouldn’t need a lubricated condom.

And now everyone knows that Athryn is loads of fun on a date!

Yeah, because circumcised penises secrete their own lubricant to prevent chaffing the head on the inside of the condom.*

  • Hmmm, I guess they do, after a while.

Damnit, Roger! Keep your penis advice out of my humorous condom anecdote.