Suggest a Band

I KNOW Tyjenks is gonna come up with a song ( seriously, I wanna hear at least ONE song off that Blackout album), but anyone else that wants to come up with a song from band you like nowadays? (Hell, it’s the 4th catagorey on this forum :) )

Favorite band nowadays, favorite song from 'em… This song’s not heavy, but it sticks in your head like crazy. That’s kinda my Modus Operandi lately.

Electric Six - Gay Bar.

I’m sure I’m not alone.

Pepper - Too Much

I’ve been listening to The Arcade Fire quite a bit lately. If I could only recommend one song, I’d probably choose Rebellion (Lies).

LCD Soundsystem - “Disco Infiltrator”

fo’ sho’.


System of a Down. 2 excellent Cds. One “B Sides” CD which is just as good as the other two. AAAAnd this year’s release is going to be a 40 song double album!!!

Amazon’s samples

Chop Suey is a good start.

If its not Stereolab, its crap!

Margerine Eclipse is their best album since Emperor Tomato Ketchup - which was in 96. Their last few albums were slowing down creatively, but with the death of their backup singer and a newly segregated world there seems more urgency in Sadier’s lyrics; and thank god there ARE lyrics. Check out The Man with 100 Cells or Vocal Diclosion.

Emperor Tomato Ketchup is everyone’s favorite album, but its a bit wierd today since its a kind of double-retro now. The Noise of Carpet is where you want to start.

Sound Dust is also a more recent album, that is worth it just for Suggestion Diabolique.

Understand that 50% of their songs are experimental, and about 20% are crap, and that track 7 is always the best track on the album, and its all ok. Stereolab is very pre-ETK and post-ETK, and most of their pre-ETK work is pretty simplistic and dated today so you’ll probably want to stick to anything post-ETK.

“Ageless Beauty” by the Stars, off their latest album Set Yourself On Fire. That whole album is really great, although it’s not quite as accessible as their previous efforts. The Stars make a heady brew of lush, 80s-tinged pop music (think Belle & Sebastian crossed with New Order), but on this record they expand into using more electronic sounds and, surprisingly, some political songs - the mid-album track “He Lied About Death” features the timeless anti-Bush lyric “I hope your drunken daughters are gay”.

Oh, and I second The Arcade Fire.

Good stuff guys, thanks!

Just to add a link for people to listen to.

Electric Wizard. Dopethrone.

I’ve got something to put in you.

HIM: Razorblade Romance

Leave’s Eyes: Lovelorn

Cradle of Filth: Nymphetamine

My favorite band today:

ISIS - Panopticon

Well it said “suggest a band”, well I’m giving you two. Why? Why not?

  1. The Scorpions- German band from the 70s and 80s, metal-ish I guess, but I don’t find myself liking too much metal.

  2. Dire Straits- another 70s and 80s band here, British this time. Some great rock and roll.

Wow, I see them mentioned in a lot of places with their latest album which I have completely avoided giving a chance. Now that is a band I will admit scares me a bit. All this time I thought they were just another gimmicky horror rock band. Guess I will finally give them a shot.

RedTide you turned on the wayback machine for those. :)

Well I don’t listen to much new stuff.

Cradle of Filth isn’t scary, they actually put on a really good theatrical show. They also have some of the best videos – definitely check out their DVD. Don’t be fooled by the make up. :)

That being said, back in the day when the Black Metal movement began, some of the Scandinavian black metal bands then were scary (and stupid), but most of really dangerous members are now in prison or dead. I know all this because I read a really interesting book on the whole scene called Lords of Chaos. Definitely check it out if you’re interested to know more.


Morcheeba - I’d recommend Trigger Hippie and World Looking In, though The Sea is right up there as well.

On the Reggae front:

Tippa Irie - All the Masses. If you like Reggae, Musical Weapon is a pretty good VA album that isn’t very widely known. Tippa and General Jah Mikey probably have the best songs of the mix.

On the Punk front:

N.I.L.8 - I’m Insane Go! This guys hail from Springfield, IL. I’ve seen them live a couple of times, and their shows are definitely entertaining. Heatmiser, Basement Show, and Old MacDonald’s Straightedge Dilemma are also pretty good.

On the not-so-serious front:

Irritating Rainbow - Priest 85, which is also in the end credits of Rob Schrab’s short film, Robot Bastard (they’ve exceeded their bandwidth at the moment, but here’s a RB mirror).

[EDIT] By the way Jaysun, can you go back and direct-link that URL? When they get that long, they really mess with the formatting. Use [url=http://blahblah]text label[/url} <—underpaid bracket understudy.

Jeebus. I saw those guys at Cabaret Metro in Chicago with a bunch of other bands when I was in college, probably 15 years ago. I can’t believe they’re still together!

Heh. They’ve changed drummers, and Jeff’s (the lead singer’s) brother doesn’t play with them much anymore. They might have made some other changes since you saw them as well. I first caught a show with them in about '96.