Suggest a game for my gamepad

Devil May Cry 4 on PC looks better than on any other platform, and plays gloriously with a gamepad. I’ve only tried it with the x360 pad, but I guess it should work fine whatever you have.

If you don’t know DMC, it’s a very silly gothic brawler/RPG. It looks and plays like a pure-pred action game, but there’s resource management and character development as well, and it feels like an extremely intense JRPG in a lot of ways. I personally think this is way better than any of the Ninja Gaidens, although the supremely daft story and characters might turn you off.

I’d check the system requirements, though. I can run it fine in 1600x1200 with 4x FSAA in DX10 mode, and I have an old Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz, 4GBs of RAM and an Nvidia 9800.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Ive only tried Bionic commander rearmed. I’m liking it so far, exactly what I wanted.

I might try devil may cry 4 next.

Thanks again!

Edit: Just in case any still cares, its just the simple logitech dual action gamepad. I havn’t had any problems with any games on it so far. Even tried bionic commander rearmed with 2 of them and played with my gf coop for a while. Was fun.

Or the original Geometry Wars itself which is available on Steam.

As long as we’re on the subject of games like Geometry Wars, I’d like to highly recommmend Everyday Shooter (also on Steam,) which in my opinion, is the best of the bunch!

I use a program called Pinnacle, which emulates controller support for most modern and classic PC games.

It has really nice profiles for Max Payne 1/2, Beyond Good and Evil, the Prince of Persia games, Fable 1, etc… You can also setup the configurations however you want, which is nice.

the regular one or the rumble version? DMC4 only supports rumble for xinput controllers. If you don’t have rumble features in your gamepad don’t worry about it as otherwise the gamepad will work fine. If you do have the rumble version get Xinput Emulator 2.1 as mentioned earlier.

hmmm, I have a spare analogue joystick lying around, replaced by a new one I got last week… let’s get crazy!

Cave Story.
I also second BG and E.

Giant Clam Assault Squad Alpha.

Every game that isn’t this one is officially disqualified.

Gears of War.

really? It was kind of easier with mouse/keyboard.

GoW is one of the few instances where I preferred gamepad controls. I found the keyboard controls quite uncomfortable.

Psychonauts is another one where I preferred the gamepad over mouse/KB.

that’s a platform game dude. I play it with a joystick.
Amiga gamer FTW

I recall seeing but not recalling a software tool that let comparable non-MS gamepads appear as a 360 gamepad to PC games in Windows so that those that were set to exclusively work with the 360 pad would work…anyone recall?

Hmm, nvm my Saitek Cyborg Rumble supports this with its drivers called X-Mode.

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