Suggest a gift for a new-to-the-hobby computer builder


You shouldn’t use one with a magnetic tip, but I always do.


Degaussing issues?


IIRC they can mess up magnetic storage (hard drive). CRT monitors too, but who uses those, and why are you disassembling it?


That’s the mouse I have. It’s nice! Recommended


Yeah it looks more r4d1c41 and gamey than I prefer, but it’s a great mouse. I use one at work too.


Thanks guys. I’m pumped! Now I just have to not give it to him before Christmas, lol.


I have this mouse and I have been enjoying it for about 2 years now, give or take. Logitech actually gave it to me for free when my previous Logtech gaming mouse stopped working reliably, which is awesome. They didn’t even take the old mouse back, just shipped me this new one, so my son is using the old mouse and it’s working fine for what he uses it for. Logitech rocks.

However, it has groves in the rubbery grips along the sides that collect crud, just an FYI. It’s really hard to keep it cleaned in my experience. I also prefer a wider base to my mouse as I have big hands, so after using it for a good long time and being happy with it I am replacing it with a mouse I picked up on Black Friday (which is under the tree so I can’t use it yet), which was this one.

I’m also told this one has a fantastic middle-mouse button, something of a pet peeve for me is the way middle mouse buttons feel when they are clicked, and many games rely on them for stuff like camera control, so I’m hoping this will end up being a little more comfortable for me, easy to keep clean, and have a better MMB. It only cost $35 for Black Friday, so worst case scenario I’m only out a bit of cash but I’m sure this will be a great mouse and then I can give my G502 to my son.


Your family will tease you mercilessly the first few times but it’s worth it. Great purchase.

Basically this. It’s all you need. If you do repair enough it’s worth it to get a good screwdriver set ( see: ) so you don’t strip screws but for just PC assembly that’s not much of an issue.


Something really satisfying about this set. I may have to put it on a wish list. Thanks!


I have an M65. Not that RGB one, but I love it. The ergonomics are great (NB, I have small hands) and it’s lasted me four years so far without issue.


Great pick. That’s my mouse too. I use it with all of the weights installed.


Man child came home last night and talked about his lack of gaming skill with a keyboard and mouse, but how he aspires to pc gaming greatness. He is using a wireless USB mouse that he said sucked for gaming. It was all I could do not to give him the mouse right then, hahah. He’s a January birthday so I’ll probably get him the Gucci-Gucci mouse pad next month.

In other news, I ordered the mouse from Amazon and it got lost in the mail. They sent a new one FedEx for free. Last night the original showed up. Haha, now I have two. Has this ever happened to you?


I’ve heard of it happening to guys here, but never to me.


It happened a few years back to my Mom, but from Gamestop. She had ordered two games (Last of Us Remastered and Bloodbourne) for my son for Christmas, they got lost so she complained, then literally later the day she complained the original ones showed up and the next day (free next day shipping) the replacements did. I still have those extra copies she got sitting in my collection, even though I own one of them digitally.