Suggest awesome Halloween costumes

Anyone got any really clever ideas for Halloween costumes they’d like to share? I keep telling myself that some year I’ll shave my head and blue myself to be Tobias Fünke, but it’s not gonna be this year, so I need some ideas that don’t involve cutting off all my hair.

Make one of these, buy a lab coat, and print a badge with the Black Mesa logo.

I’d like to stay clear of video game references that aren’t pretty universally recognized, unless it’s something so awesomely clever that I don’t mind explaining it over and over again at parties.

A giant dildo. Alternately, go as breast implants.

A guy I knew once went as the Delsen Blue guy… wore a bath robe, foamed up his hair with shaving cream or something, and then made the little dividing line down the middle.

Was a funny costume, but might be somewhat dated… I don’t know if they still have those commercials (or even the product).

A. is going as Misa (from Death Note) and I’m possibly going as (dapper) Kimblee from Full Metal Alchemist, or possibly Braig (from Kingdom Hearts).

It’s going to be good times.

For the Halloween Party when we were at Disney I was the ballerina girl from the stretch portraits at the Haunted Mansion. Since it was such a pain to make, that will be my regular Halloween costume too, even though absolutely no one will know who I am. Got a damn ton of compliments at the parks though, including one guy who chased me down and said, “You look so amazing I want a tattoo of you on my leg.”

Certainly one of the strangest compliments I have ever gotten.

A group is going as the guys from The Hangover. I call the costume group idea: “No one gets the joke unless our Galifianakis clone is present.”

I should point out that the costume was not my idea; my best friend is planning for a whole group of anime characters, including myself, two from Bleach, and whatever we come up with for Aaron.

Trying to persuade him to go as Yagami Light was a lost cause.

This is a real thing.

A facebook page, with a pen attached so people can write on your wall.

I want to cry but there just aren’t enough tears.

Angie, did you have to? My poor brain…

I considered Sarah Palin or Octomom, but both are so last year. Or maybe they are so 2 years ago, I lose track of time. Anyway, if a guy dressed up as Sarah Palin or Octomom I think it would be even better. My Octomom costume idea involved 8 baby dolls, too much lipstick and a wig. The Sarah Palin one involved finding just the right red suit and glasses, so it was too much work.

With November 1 being the start of Mo’vember, I figure whatever “costume” I come up with, it will be an excuse to groom an outrageous travesty of facial hair before I go clean-shaven.

Carry giant cardboard sign labelled “PLAY FOR FREE, MY LORD” and you’d be set.

How about a sexy Sesame Street costume? FFS.

My wife has a rant she gets into about how all the Halloween costumes at those stores for women always start with the word “Sexy.” You’re not just a fairy, you’re a sexy fairy. You’re not a shower, you’re a sexy shower. You’re not a witch, you’re a sexy witch. It’s like Halloween has become universal “Dress like a tramp” day according to the Halloween industry.

So you’re saying having high school teen girls, dressed in skimpy costumes, coming to my door, and looking for candy is bad?

That’s a whole other can of worms.

Anyways, back on topic, last year I was a douche for Halloween. Those who know me might say that wasn’t a big stretch.

So this year I’m going as “The Man.” Aiming for a cross between the devil and Half-Life’s G-Man.