Suggest me some TV shows

I’m setting up my new HD TIVO and I’m down to almost no TV shows. Right now my season passes are:

  1. Mythbusters
  2. Little People Big World
  3. Monster Quest
  4. Good Eats

Between the writers strike and just the usual canceling of shows, I’m down to a handful. So what is new and good?

My brother tells me Arrested Development is on one of those HD channels, HDNet or something, all the time. It’s not new, but hey, HD.

Your Tivo should start recording some stuff it thinks you’ll like soon. I miss that feature on the DTV HR-20 I upgraded to.

In the meantime, try “How It’s Made” on the Science Channel, if you have it in HD.

Are your viewing choices mainly non-fiction?

I do watch mostly non-fiction. I’m not against fiction shows but my addictive personality requires me to keep them at a minimum for watching as they air. Heroes was the last one. Now I perfer to just buy series seasons on DVD. The only current show I want to watch but can’t was Dexter.

As for Tivo suggestions, my Tivo just doesn’t understand me.

Oh and I totally can’t stand the new annoucer on How its Made. Ruined that show for me.