Suggestions for future improvements to our forum software

Great, thanks for that wumpus! Will make a big difference in reading old threads.

I just added a new site setting to enable logged-in users to view unactivated accounts:

This feature will be deployed here shortly. :)

Oh thank Science necro’ed threads were awful because of this :)

Can you confirm it is working for you? View profile of a user who has not been here for 4+ years?

Viewing an old closed profile looks like this for me:

Is that what’s intended?

Just performed a quick test using this thread. When I click on the user name in the thread, nothing happens unless the account is still open, in which case the usual overlay appears.

Same, used to be able to click and would reach a 404, now can’t click and directly opening a new tab with the url for the closed account still results in a 404


It was always a 404. I did not realize it had not been deployed here yet. I just deployed latest and flipped the setting so logged in users should be able to view inactive account profiles now, as of 1 minute ago (the time on this post).

Yeah, it works.

Seems to work perfectly. Even though I hate likes, I’d probably give you one if I could.

Give all your phantom likes to @arpit.jalan he made it happen 👏

I thought this is pretty cool!

Yeah we should get @stusser to style the background color there as well.

I wonder if it’s useful to be able to put personal notes against a user to remind me of who this person is, what he likes (perhaps same taste in gaming, etc). Useful for forums which I am new in where there are too many new names/avatars. The display would be below the username, in italics.

Now that Facebook has a snooze button, are we allowed to have one too?

I don’t always want to mute everything. I just don’t want to see it in my unread posts feed until the chaos has died down a bit.

MP4s are the efficient method compared to GIFs right? However they don’t autoplay in the GIF thread so you feel bad posting them. Can we make them autoplay so we don’t feel guilty and save bandwidth?

Autoplay movies are an abomination unto the face of God.

We need it in the GIF thread, for reals.

Sounds like what you need in the GIF thread is GIFs.