Suggestions for future improvements to our forum software


That’s the way Discourse works out of the box. Once you attain trust level 3, you can categorize topics and edit topic titles (but not bodies). It is disabled here because fuckin’ Thunderdome. If you want to change a man’s topic you drive to his house and challenge him to one-on-one combat.


That’s easy mode, try and get into one of the Battlestar Galactica games and you have to fight the whole games forum:


Oh shit lookie here:

It would appear that Discourse now alerts when another user is adding a comment while you are typing your own. Be forever saved from the disgrace of being beat to making a point!


Everyone wants to be first to first!


Can we have a big list of “Likes” like this?

(Click on image to see full scale.)


Do you mean multiple types of reactions, and why would it matter, likes were decreed unwanted so I don’t know why a middle finger reaction would be any more wanted.


We could use it on posts asking for likes.




Someone is being a real… hitler


So, are you saying you don’t like RPG Codex’s practice of having two hundred different ratings/likes? Even the memorable ones like, “Slurp this person’s delicious asshole”? Or the collection of ten or so Trump emotes?


Now that the US president has begun using emojis in his tweets, any chance of showing them in embedded tweets here? The “us” in “Theushas” is supposed to be a US flag emoji:


Link to the tweet in P&R, screenshot of what I see (edited for stusser)


Can we not post Trump’s face outside P&R please.

Anyway, I see the flag emoji in that embedded tweet.


Win 10 Chrome - I do not see the flag emoji I just see a little block version of the letters US


Download the Chromoji extension and join the future, dude!



I feel dirty.


Weird, worked fine in Vivaldi on MacOS, which is basically Chrome.


I think the Chromoji extension is only for using emojis (when posting and such), not for seeing them when others use them.

In any event, I can see that flag emoji in the tweet itself, but not in Discord. FF, Chrome in Windows, logged in and not logged in. On my Mac it displays just fine in both browsers. All browsers up-to-date.




Yes, pardon, at some point, it seems I switched to “Emoji for Chrome” on my home PC. Was writing from phone earlier.

They seem visible on Firefox on Win10 automatically, however.


Hmm, the latest version of Windows 10 has an Emoji entry tool. Press Win+. 🙌

It even supports text search, press that and type heart and see what happens 💘u

You will need the Fall Creators update to do this. Screw you, forum owners who turn off Emoji! Can’t turn off Unicode, can you? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

(Also, @arrendek you will note that flags are nowhere to be found in this dialog, because as I said, for political reasons Windows doesn’t include country flag emoji. 🤷)