Suggestions for future improvements to our forum software


Are you willing to look at this again? I PAY YOU CASH DOLLA BILLS 💵


About time, t’was driving me mad, thinking maybe it was one of my addons or something. Thank you.


Yeah I looked this up after your earlier post and was super surprised but yeah, no flag emoji. I didn’t see their reasoning posted anywhere online though, just a lot of people asking for it and confirmation that they didn’t have them.

This is still something that bothers me a lot. I need to reupdate my script still, I’ll try to get to it sometime this week and I’ll try out my new idea for handling the fullscreen boondoggle. One thing I won’t be able to fix via a script is the issue where if someone updates the post with the YouTube video (and maybe when a new post is added to the thread, can’t remember anymore) the fullscreen dies then too. Can’t fix that because the post update rewrites the DOM that the YouTube video came from. You could probably fix it inside of discourse itself by delaying the thread updates until after the fullscreen video is closed.


Dear @wumpus,

Please make the Quote button grab rich text formatting / markdown from the selection, not only the bare plaintext.

For an example, please see this image from the Stately Play Discourse forum, which, as I’m sure you will be happy to note, does not italicize quotes in the default theme:


I believe it’s been on the roadmap for a while, just at very, very low priority:

Note date.


Cool, thanks.


To be honest we could use the help as the YouTube issue is so pernicious; I re-extend the 💵 offer.


Funny you mention it, I was working on the script this week.

I have a semi-working solution for the problem that requires a bit more to get working. This morning I had some time so I’m trying to fix it in Discourse source proper instead of hacked into a user script. I’ll keep you updated.


Update: Spent hours today trying to get a dev VM up and running and wow, discourse is not developer friendly.*

Unsure if I will continue, but if I don’t I’ll add it in the user script instead

* To be more clear, of the dev instructions I found a lot of different ways to skin a cat and @sam recommending different things (i.e. contradicting earlier advice) as the best way to skin that cat across various threads. Running through the vagrant for windows guide broke in multiple exciting ways, and when I decided to just spin up a digitalocean VM and do the advanced developer guide for ubuntu, that broke in other ways


Ok, reply with what you got stuck on, on meta.discourse. Our stack is extremely advanced, unfortunately.


OK, I got it up and running. I’d done a wrong thing, of course.

This source is huge, lol. I’m locating the strike point now.


What went wrong? Where can we improve our instructions to clarify?


Well since I’m a dumb dumb on the *nixes I ran all those pretty “advanced developer” commands as root and it blew up because one of the things does not like being root.

To be fair when it blew up I looked down at my prompt for about a minute trying to parse the error and then said “aw fuck, I’m logged in as root!?” And then it was just easier to delete the VM and start all over.

But the vagrant instructions for first time windows devs, those broke worse. Starting with no mention (I might have missed it) that if you’re running modern windows (8.1 or 10) then you need to disable Hyper-V because virtualbox blows up when it’s running, which it definitely will be.


OK, so the first main thing which might fix almost everything is that the lazyYT plugin is not applying the “lazyYT” class to playlist youtube videos. Once that is fixed my old hack should kick in on those. Not sure if regular videos are still broken or just playlists.

Moving forward, my probably less hacky solution could still be used but I don’t need to do it if everything is fixed after fixing the lazyYT class issue. I’ll probably continue forward anyways, because I really want to know if this new idea will work.


I don’t think that many people link to YT playlists. It’s broken on all YT videos as far as fullscreen goes. Try scrolling up or down after playing a video, too. You might be surprised what happens. 🤔


Any plans to make a topic title visible on mobile?


It already is, like so


Ah, ok, thanks


I’d love it if it were permanently visible somewhere, but I didn’t realize you could see if that way so I appreciate the tip at least.



Oh, I thought I was the only person stupid enough to forget which thread I clicked into between selecting it and waiting for it to load (usually, when reading several similar topics like the aggregated GOP /Trump threads).

I figured out the scrollbar secret a little while ago, and it’s worked acceptably well.