Suggestions for future improvements to our forum software


Well, I finally got time after crunch time at work followed by going to visit my brother for a week for turkey day.

Previously, I had been going about the whole thing in a particular way that was suboptimal. Then in the shower I thought of a really smart solution, found a good place to put it in discourse source tonight, and fixed the whole skedoodle.

if (document.elementFromPoint(0, 0).tagName.toUpperCase() == "IFRAME") { return; }

Put that here:

Line 65.

Whoops, forgot to re: any particular post. So, @wumpus, this is about the fullscreen issues with videos/YT.

Edit 2: Probably want to kill the earlier workaround now in the source. It’s unneeded after this.


OK awesome let me forward this to the right people and have them give it a shot. Appreciate your effort @arrendek, what can I get you in return? Steam game? Open mouth kiss? Wait what did I just type


Hopefully I’m not being completely tactless here, but I’d most like the dolla dolla bills mentioned earlier. I have some Xmas gifts to purchase (including the secret Santa one, natch) and every little bit helps. :)

We can take this to PM if you want.


Sure PM me but know that open mouth kiss is still on the table 💋


Man that would be nice to get fixed finally. Though I have now trained myself to open all youtube videos on QT3 into a new window.


Wonderful fix! Committed in core via:

Best part? 4 additions and 174 deletions. 👍



@wumpus Now when can we rebuild and get that update for Qt3? :)


Can anything be done eventually about banned accounts resulting in a 404 when you click their profile? It’s really, really irritating particularly given just how many of qt3s posts were made by those accounts.


They are not activated accounts, so that’s the issue. We do need to figure something out


I’ve noticed that sometimes the Home and End keys only go a little bit instead of all the way to the beginning or end of a thread. I can’t reproduce it, but it happens.


@arpit.jalan has something secret in the hopper to address this next week and will update when it is ready. This is specific to sites that did a big migration, where they have tons of old historic unactivated user accounts.

Normally only staff can see unactivated accounts, but it is kind of unusual to have a lot of unactivated accounts with tons of posts, etc.


Great, thanks for that wumpus! Will make a big difference in reading old threads.


I just added a new site setting to enable logged-in users to view unactivated accounts:

This feature will be deployed here shortly. :)


Oh thank Science necro’ed threads were awful because of this :)


Can you confirm it is working for you? View profile of a user who has not been here for 4+ years?


Viewing an old closed profile looks like this for me:

Is that what’s intended?


Just performed a quick test using this thread. When I click on the user name in the thread, nothing happens unless the account is still open, in which case the usual overlay appears.


Same, used to be able to click and would reach a 404, now can’t click and directly opening a new tab with the url for the closed account still results in a 404



It was always a 404. I did not realize it had not been deployed here yet. I just deployed latest and flipped the setting so logged in users should be able to view inactive account profiles now, as of 1 minute ago (the time on this post).


Yeah, it works.