Suggestions for future improvements to our forum software


Seems to work perfectly. Even though I hate likes, I’d probably give you one if I could.


Give all your phantom likes to @arpit.jalan he made it happen 👏


I thought this is pretty cool!


Yeah we should get @stusser to style the background color there as well.


I wonder if it’s useful to be able to put personal notes against a user to remind me of who this person is, what he likes (perhaps same taste in gaming, etc). Useful for forums which I am new in where there are too many new names/avatars. The display would be below the username, in italics.


Now that Facebook has a snooze button, are we allowed to have one too?

I don’t always want to mute everything. I just don’t want to see it in my unread posts feed until the chaos has died down a bit.


MP4s are the efficient method compared to GIFs right? However they don’t autoplay in the GIF thread so you feel bad posting them. Can we make them autoplay so we don’t feel guilty and save bandwidth?



Autoplay movies are an abomination unto the face of God.


We need it in the GIF thread, for reals.


Sounds like what you need in the GIF thread is GIFs.


Autoplaying videos without sound is basically what GIFS are, so I’d be surprised if anyone was truly against that. This is also why videos with embedded captions are so popular on social media, I think, you can “watch” them like a GIF, without sound, and lose nothing.


GIFs are much smaller than embedded videos, so any autoplay video is awful and I hate them. If there was some way to allow it only in a specific thread dedicated to such things that would be OK.

But yeah, I hate autoplay videos with sound 100000000x more.


Animated GIFs are incredibly wasteful compared to any modern video format. Like needing 20 times the space for worse quality. The only reason animated GIFs would be smaller than other formats is if the 2MB file upload limit is applying to images but not proper videos.


Live example with both formats automatically offered

Gif Size: 13M
Gfy Size: 2M
Compression: 2.7 to 1 (Bandwidth saved: 17G)
Views: 2082
Original: Video
Reddit comments: /r/battlefield_4

See also

There has been discussion of Discourse doing this sort of auto-conversion but it is not trivial.


You can do it @wumpus we know you can! And while you’re at it throw in a mute button for users. Surely a trivial issue. :)


You convinced me, I’m all for video embedding with autoplay if they can be muted by default.


You don’t really want autoplay videos for bandwidth reasons. But I think what’s being discounted here, for no discernable reason, is that people object a lot less to videos without sound.


Well you guys pointed out my hypocracy in accepting animated GIFs but not auto-muted videos. And that’s true.

I wouldn’t apply that to the entire internet-- if I see an autoplaying video on CNN I kill it with fire muted or not (and on CNN, I assure you it’s not). But in a forum where people frequently post animated GIFs, if you allow one you should probably allow the other.


I had a notion for a possible forum feature today when I was thinking about the inscrutable abbreviations that are so common in online dialog, particularly in gaming discussions. LoL, BofW, HotS. Is WoD Warlords of Draenor or World of Darkness? It extends to features, as well. FPS, RTS, MMORPG, and so on. These abbreviations can make it faster to communicate when your recipient knows what you’re talking about. But what about those of us who don’t? We can post in the thread to ask for clarification, but wouldn’t it be better if it could be annotated inline with the post?

The idea is that you add another option to the selected text popup, which currently has just a “Quote” function. The new one would be like “Ask for clarification”. If you use it, the forum can give you a suggestion if it’s something that has been asked before (in other uses), or optionally send a private message to the post author requesting clarification. If provided, it emails the questioner with the answer, and then does a tooltip-style highlight link of the original text with the clarification in the thread.