Suggestions for future improvements to our forum software


I was really hoping composable themes would be a thing when I was working on css. This is great news. Thanks.

We can let everyone turn off avatars, disable seeing likes, etc. Much love, everyone gets what they want, kum ba ya.


Are “suggested topics” at the bottom of threads working yet? They seem completely unrelated to the topic at hand and the only relation is that I either created them or posted in them and they’re all from 2013. Not exactly helpful.


Suggested rules:

  • unread topics (that you are tracking)
  • new topics

after that, once you have dealt with the new and unread topics…

  • random topics in the same category less than a year old


I have a question. When you open a thread, the newest message glows and then fades to normal, so you know where to start reading. This is a pretty cool effect. However, I often open threads in separate tabs. Is there another indicator to tell me which messages are new?


Just position on the screen (vertically), as you’ll have the same exact location for the first unread post.


Sometimes I see an old message in that position. Maybe it only happens when there aren’t enough new messages to scroll the page. No biggie.


It still boggles my mind that there’s no good omniview for “all the threads you are reasonably likely to want to read”.

Something combining everything that’s in the existing Unread and New views, with the addition of any recently necro’ed threads that I’ve never entered or set a tracking option on.

Or equivalently, the existing Latest but modified to hide fully read threads rather than just changing their color, and the addition of a tracking option in between Normal and Muted that hides the thread from Latest without squelching notifications (basically saying “I don’t care about this thread per se, but I still want to know if someone mentions or quotes me in it”).

Bonus points if the Suggested Topics can be configured to pull from this view instead of the current rules.


There should be a button to automatically zoom you to the latest posts in a thread you’re watching, but haven’t had time to read in a long time. Otherwise you have to grab that little time hover and drag it all the way down, until you hit the most recent posts.


Or… press the end key on your keyboard, or click / tap the date at the bottom there.


Ah! I didn’t realize the date was clickable. That’s cool.

I still want a button though. Can I still have a button? Don’t be stingy with the buttons, man.


FYI - things are working SO MUCH BETTER now that I set this to ‘immediately’ that I almost feel this should be the default. I suppose I can understand the reasoning for not doing so, but this feels like a ‘least surprise’ issue - I chose to enter a topic, track it until I say otherwise. But then, that’s because it is “least surprise” to me.


I 100% agree with you. Without the auto-track behavior this forum was nigh-unusable for my workflow.


Glad you like It! Sometimes people prefer to dip their toes in a topic by reading it for a bit, before committing to full bore “sure, tell me how many unread posts I have in this topic from now on” tracking.


I second this.

(from the Injustice 2 thread - I have no control over the fact only 4 other people on this board are interested in Injustice 2).


Back it off Scott. There’s other people here!


Er… so, he doesn’t want feedback?


There goes Scott, spamming the topic again with all his replies. Sheesh.



I’m pretty satisfied. Except when I type two spaces, I want to see two damn spaces after the period.