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We don’t and can’t act on beta stuff since it may change. Once it is released, we can.


Anyone else get phantom “new” indicators? Several times a day, I’ll get to the bottom of a thread and it will say there are 1-3 new threads, but when I click through, they’re not there. And the indicator is persistent – I can click through several of the Suggested Topics in a row, and the “unread” count will refresh every time I go to a new one, but “new” will stay at the same value until I actually click on it. This happens on Chrome desktop and mobile.


Can you screenshot and crop what you mean here?



Here, I just got to the bottom of a thread, and it says there is 1 new topic remaining:

I ignore it and click through to one of the suggested topics:

Note that the number of unread topics has refreshed itself.

And again, no matter how many suggested topics I click through, or visits to the Unread view, it continues to claim that there is 1 new topic remaining, but when I actually click on the “1 new” link…

I’d guess that it has something to do with browsing on different systems, and maybe there was a new topic that I viewed on another system that threw it off. Not a huge problem, but hopefully low-hanging fruit to fix – it’s already querying the server for the current “unread” count, and presumably it should be getting the “new” count at the same time.


This will hopefully land in the next two weeks, but in the meantime please remember (or use the advanced search GUI) in:first which is pretty close conceptually.


We still can’t do a Cmd-V to paste image from clipboard into Discourse in Safari, right? It is working for Firefox (Mac) but not Safari (Mac).


holy smokes. Is it my imagination / monitor going bad or did the font colors just go very black and bold?

(On light & bright theme)


Not just you :) I noticed this too, maybe an hour ago,


So @wumpus or @stusser any word on the annoying font?


Voice activation


Samewise. I switched to Solarize light meanwhile, although the background feels brighter than the white one to my stupid eyes!


I don’t see any changes in the site logs and switching to light n’ bright, beyond immediately blinding me, looks about the same as I remember it. What’s different about the fonts?


Unread topics in the unread view and category view are now bolded.


Light & Bright: unread topics in all categories are now black for me, instead of blue. I’m pretty sure they’ve always been bold though. Black is way harsher than blue so that’s probably why it stands out more.


They were definitely always bold.

@clay I don’t see any changes in the logs, any idea what changed here?


I don’t know what changed. I can see that visited links now have a visited class on the a element and the unvisited ones don’t. Maybe @sam or @wumpus could be more specific about the technical change so that we can revert it back to the previous style.


It would be nice to be able to pinch&zoom.


Ahhhh so it was a code change, then.

Pinch+zoom is a poor solution on mobile. What I would personally like is a preferred text size option somewhere, saved in a cookie so it doesn’t apply across platforms. For example, the NYTimes app has the below.


But pinch and zoom does not require me to go to options, and is also useful on embedded images.


You would set your preferred font size once, and then everything would be readable forever.

Anyway, I can pinch to zoom in Discourse in iOS Safari. It’s useless for readability because it causes horizontal scroll, but I do it occasionally for images. Does that not work in Android?