Suggestions For Laptop wifi issues

I have an Acer gaming laptop that’s started having wifi troubles. Every so often when I un-sleep it the wifi connection is gone - I have no connectivity. Rebooting sometimes fixes it right away, but not always. Shutting down and restarting sometimes fixes it but not always. So I’m thinking the wifi card is going bad on me. I looked into replacing it and found out this is what I need:

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 2.20.01 PM

And I got one of those. And opened up my laptop. And pulled the HD connector off the motherboard (but that’s another story…). Anyway, I found the installed wifi card and sadly saw that it has 2 antennas soldered to to the upper right corner (I think they are the Bluetooth and the Wifi antennas). So it’s not going to be quite as easy a popping the old one out and the new one in.

Absent some soldering gear, I’m abandoning that line of repair.

So finally, the question: I’d like to find a small, unobtrusive USB dongle that I can use for Wifi. I sit pretty close to my router so I don’t need a lot of signal strength (at least I hope I don’t). Can anyone recommend something for use? Or barring that, anyone have an idea for a way I can get a reliable wifi signal to my laptop?

You can get some pretty decent and compact USB wifi dongles these days for pretty cheap ($15 or less) so definitely worth a punt.

How well will it work? The answer is usually down to the quality of the usb connection on the computer more than anything else. For a full PC I’d recommend always sticking it round the back directly into one of the motherboard ports since my experience is that sticking it in the front ports just invites random disconnects. Why, I have no idea. No idea how that will translate to your laptop, usually there’s a port or two on each side so I’d recommend using whatever hooks in closest to the motherboard.

Other than that, disable your current wifi in the BIOS if it’s possible to do so - just to cut down on signal interference.

They are not soldered on, the antenna wires are simple press-on/pull-off connectors (unless your laptop is made by monsters). Just be gentle.

something tiny like this probably, use your magnifier and tweezers if needed

I thought they were soldered on but I am not 100% sure so sure, why not go back in. The worst that can happen is that I buy a new laptop with a 2060 in it!!

As it turns out @sillhouette, you were correct. The antenna leads were those little clip things, and I was able to take them off and put them on the new card (after a bit of wrangling). New card is in and the wifi seems to work still so I’m going to mark this question as answered! Thanks.

Annnnd now it seems as though this swap has borked my Bluetooth, as nothing can connect any more. Guess I’m going to open it up one more time to make sure the antenna is connected but aside from that…

Anything I can do to fix it to diagnose and or fix things? I deleted the device and re-downloaded the driver but that didn’t change anything. When I try to connect with a paired device it instantly fails. When I try to delete a device it fails. So it’s as though it’s just not there anymore. I guess if worst comes to worst I can always buy another Wi-Fi/Bluetooth card and install it, they’re pretty cheap.

I just did that and it’s awesome! 😄

The pic you linked is the Intel7265. Is it EXACTLY identical to the one you replaced? Because it has the bluetooth radio built into it. Maybe just uninstalling and reinstalling the wireless/bluetooth driver will fix it?

It might not be identical but I did delete the device in the device manager and scan for changes and it re-downloaded a driver which I assume is the right one.