Suggestions on shipping a computer?

I’m getting a new computer.
My old computer is huge. Like full tower case, looks like Big Blue, huge.

But it still works. And I’d like to send it to a family member across the country. That said, I long ago chucked the box for this thing.

Any suggestions other than going to Mail Box’s Etc and making this their problem (which is my current plan)?

Insure the package in case they randomly choose it to repeatedly throw against the wall until something begins rattling.

You’re making the right move. I’ve shipped computers before, and unless you’re a packing material hoarder like me, you probably don’t have boxes the right size and the filler necessary to ship it safely. Leave it to the pros and you’ll save yourself a big headache.

Don’t send it Parcel Post. A computer I sent that way still had the tire tracks on it from being run over repeatedly when it arrived.

Be prepared for the sticker shock of using their “services”.

If you want to do it yourself. Get yourself a big enough box, a couple of trash bags, and a can or two of the expandable foam in a can. Put the computer in one bag to protect it from the foam. another bag in the box to keep the foam from soaking through the box. Spray some foam in the bottom of the box to get a good layer to set it on. Set the bagged computer on top of that. Then proceed to spray around it to fill the box up. Just remember the foam expands alot so be ready to close the box when you get close to the top.