Suggestions Welcome - Gaming HDTV

I’ve got some money saved up for a pre-ordered PS4, and I currently plug my PS3 into a 19" monitor. I’ve got an extra $200 saved up, any suggestions for a 22" or so HDTV? I’m going to move the PS3 into the living room to use just as a Blu-ray player, so my PS4 will be taking the spotlight where I normally game. I’d like something with a good, colorful picture (naturally) and an HDMI port for the PS4, and some solid (they don’t need to be amazing) speakers. I don’t really want much bigger than 22 or 24" because I feel like at 1080p the picture suffers a bit, and I will be sitting at my office desk with my PC so I’m pretty close to the display, as well. Any thoughts?

Here is what I found that I like so far, but not a lot of reviews for it. It’s $180.

At those sizes have you considered a nice pc monitor instead? If you don’t need the the atsc tuner you’ll have a much better selection to choose from.
I recently picked up two of these Asus 27" IPS panels for $260 each during a sale which I really like:

No experience with any of the below models. Just some examples.
$238 for 24" (doh! no speakers on this one)

and prices get under $200 for 23"

Always go to the wirecutter.

Don’t buy a monitor without speakers.

I’d really recommend a 32 inch model. You can find pretty cheap 1080p models that have IPS panels for around $200. Anything you buy will probably have shitty speakers, though. There’s no room for good speakers in any of these LED backlit designs. I ended up plugging a really old set of Cambridge Soundworks multimedia speakers into the Westinghouse TV my mother uses. Not the most elegant solution, but using the headphone output gives her full volume control with the remote.

be careful that you don’t get a too crappy hdtv where you CAN’T turn off those stupid movie-watching ‘picture enhancements’ and where you can’t truly get a 1:1 pixel view to use as a monitor.

I got a 36" 1080p HDTV for my desk. Best decision I ever made. Everything is so much more immersive when it fills your entire view. Skyrim is incredible.

Unfortunately the built-in speakers are absolute shit, so no wire-cutting for me.

But this will have to share a desk with my 24" PC monitor though, I don’t really have the space for a 32" display to be sitting next to that, really. I’m happy to pay $180-220 or so for a really nice 22 or even a 24" display. If it was my ONLY display I might get a 32" if it was 1440p, I’ll admit, but then I’d have to get a KVM switch and the like so my PC could also use it. Plus, I like having a second display so I can watch Netflix while I’m doing stuff on my PC, or have Spotify running on my PC while I’m playing something on the PS3, etc.

Thanks for all the suggestions, there has been some good stuff here, and it’s all very much appreciated!

Get a matching (or as close as possible) 1080p 24" monitor with speakers then. Hook up your secondary monitor through an HDMI switch (check other thread for suggestions). Now, have your pc always hooked up directly to the primary monitor, and then also have the pc and console hooked to the secondary monitor through the HDMI switch. Use dvi - hdmi cables where needed. You could possibly skip the switch if the new monitor has DVI and HDMI inputs. Then, just hook up the pc via DVI and the console via HDMI. Switch inputs using the monitor controls.

You basically now have a cool new dual monitor PC setup when not using your console and then when you are you can still use your PC at the same time. 2 2 2 upgrades in 1!

That’s an outstanding solution ARogan… I’m sure a display that’s got both an HDMI and DVI and is roughly the same size should be fairly easy to pick up… And yeah, Newegg has quite a lot, and most of them are well within my budget. Perfect! That’s the one thing I missed with my setup - having two PC displays, now I could have the best of both worlds.

I assume if the PS4 is turned off the PC will just auto use that second display, but I wonder what happens when the PC is using both displays and the PS4 turns on - will the PS4 just be SOL until I unplug the DVI cable? What has priority? I’m sure I can make it work, but I’m curious.


I believe most monitors don’t auto switch. At least I think they don’t. Usually you’ll have to manually hit the input select button and cycle to the one you want. You shouldn’t have to ever unplug anything. If it does auto switch at worst you still might have to manually cycle inputs depending on the order the devices are powered up and what you want to display on that 2nd monitor. You still should be able to leave all cables plugged in though.

This is the conclusion I came to. I think I’ll pick this up:

It’s not quite the right resolution compared to my primary PC display (1920x1200) but I don’t know if that would mess the PS4 up so I’ll stick with 1080p just in case. It shouldn’t really matter, this looks like it would be really nice display that’s the perfect size AND has both DVI and HDMI. Thanks again for the suggestion!

I was eyeing the 27" version of that model. Definitely go with 1920X1080 for ps4 use (plus 1920X1200 is a bit more rare and pricier these days). You want native resolution. Most modern video cards have no issues doing different resolutions between the monitors so dual display on the PC should still be fine. When I was researching upgrades for my 27" monitor I was considering 2 routes:

  • TN panel at 144hz so you can turn vsync off during games and still run them flat out at high framerates without tearing plus you get the lowest response times out there. Most relatively modern video cards can drive panels at 144hz. I’m not sure about the ps4. My guess is it will do the usual 1080p@60hz at least for gaming. The 3D I could take it or leave it. It doesn’t hurt that it’s there and most > 60 hz panels are that way b/c it is needed for 3D support.

  • IPS Panel at 60hz for improved color and view angles but I couldn’t find any at > 60hz. You also get a slight increase in response times (5ms) and a small bump in price (though IPS has come way down in price in the last few months).

I ended up going IPS b/c of a good sale but I was close to going the other route.

IPS is the right call.

Yeah, IPS is awesome - my primary PC display is an IPS panel 1920x1200 display. If I want to stick with IPS I can actually save a little money and get something like this:

Or this one for $150 after $20 MIR:

23.8", LED, IPS, speakers + 2 X HDMI (so if your pc doesn’t have a native hdmi out then just use a dvi to hdmi cable).

Is that a bad idea for some reason?

They don’t add anything to the cost of the TV, and you’ll need to get external speakers.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I received my new display (I went with the LG IPS235P-BN) and I’m quite pleased with it. Especially for the price, I snagged it for $175 and free next day shipping. I took some pics for a few friends who wanted to see how the new display turned out, so I’ll post them here, too, for anyone curious about how it turned out. I didn’t get a chance to calibrate the display yet, but I’m not great at that anyway and it looks amazing right out of the box, so I may not bother.

I did have a moment of panic this morning, when listening to the Giant Bombcast and someone mentioned (casually!) that the PS4 nor the X1 will have analog audio out! Since the monitor I ended up with didn’t have speakers (sorry Stusser, it was the best monitor I could find, the ones with speakers that were in this class just didn’t do it for me, though not because of the speakers) I was worried I’d need to return it and pick something else. Thankfully, it does have an audio out itself, so my PS3 is plugged in through HDMI and the speakers are plugged into the headset jack, which is working just fine. I may need to buy some dedicated speakers for it - I definitely don’t want to have to unplug these speakers to use them on my PC all the time, the jack is up under the display by the other ports.

Anyway, enjoy, and thanks again! Special thanks to ARogan as the idea to double up dual-PC display and PS3/PS4 display is working out very well, I can just tap the input button to toggle between the two.