Suicide or Homicide

I just saw this on Google News.

Fox news sure buys the President’s talking points, even if they’re just stupid, don’t they.

Um, what?

Foxnews: Because Rupert said so!

Bush said a while back that they weren’t suicide bombers, they were homicide bombers!

Hey, ol’ Rupe knows where his taxcuts are coming from!! Has any of that trickled down to the Fox employees, yet?

Homicide bomber. A bomber that kills people? Must be the dumbest re-definition of a word I’ve seen, especially since it is such a broad definition that it just as readily fits Tim McVeigh or the Unabomber as it does middle eastern terrorists.

I think Fox, Worldnetdaily, and the WA Times are the only places using the new description.

So, whom do we blame for the old description? Are they stupid too? I’m wondering what your standards are…

Black Jack, nobody said there was anything wrong with the old description except YOUR BOY, Dubya. His asskissing lackeys followed suit; no doubt impressed by his brilliance.

Maybe they could just call them “death bombers?”

bus-stop bombers?

Maybe they should just call them ‘Palestinian bombers’ and we should all ridicule the liberal slant to make them into martyrs and victims of suicide.

Or, on a more introspective note, instead of listing the target, listing the source.

Semtex-Vest bombers?

Maybe we should call them “suicide bombers” instead of painting them with the “Palestinian” brush. Heck, some might be from gasp Saudi Arabia.

I think his point was that calling them “suicide bombers” is no more or less accurate than calling them “homicide bombers.” The whole controversy is just dumb–everyone knows that a “suicide bomber” is someone who kills innocent civilians. I don’t understand why Bush wants to make such a big deal over what they’re called. It’s dumb. Like Americans are suddenly going to go, “Oh–homicide bombers. I thought these guys were just killing themselves, like those Buddhist monks during Vietnam.”

Christ, you fool, the term “suicide bomber” wasn’t invented or popularized by liberals. Conservatives are the ones trying to do a conscious shift in terminology for political reasons.

They’re attackers who differ themselves from other kinds by killing them in the process, and that’s why they were initially called suicide bombers, as opposed to the regular old kind that blows themselves up; end of discussion.

And “homicide bomber” isn’t more accurate than “suicide bomber”; bomber already includes homicide/arson in the description. If they just want to start calling them “bombing attacks” and “bombers” because they don’t think the suicide part is particularly noteworthy, fine, but slapping “homicide” on the front is a bit like calling a murderer a “homicide murderer.” As opposed to the kind of terrorist bomber that doesn’t kill people, I guess.

“homicide bombers” is about the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

Faux News continues to amaze with their ability to continue to perpetuate the lies of this administration.

Ought rename themselves TASS instead…

… or Pravda US.

You are far, FAR too sane for this world, friend. Here, strap one of these bomb jackets on and go out in style.

Unlike the “Bush ferrets Bin Laden family away” crusade, this one has merit. Fuck Bush up the ass, boys!

“Homicide bomber”… Sheesh. If we get the administration hooked on crack it would be an improvement.

Is anyone counting down the days till the next election?

I’m surprised some QT3’ers haven’t started calling them “Palestinian commandos solving the Israel problem” yet. I prefer “homicidal jackass”. It doesn’t sound quite as selfless or not-so-bad as “suicide bomber”.