Suicide Squad - The Joker, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Boomerang walk into a bar

It’s official.

Jared Leto – The Joker
Will Smith – Deadshot
Tom Hardy – Rick Flagg
Margot Robbie – Harley Quinn
Jai Courtney – Boomerang
Cara Delevinge – Enchantress

Directed by David Ayer. Slated for August 5th, 2016.

Oh…oh dear…that cast…I can’t…oh god…


I feel bad for Jared Leto. He’s going to get compared to Heath Ledger the whole time.

Also, why is the Joker in Suicide Squad?

Will Smith as Deadshot? That’s pretty much a confession by Warner Bros. that they don’t “get” Suicide Squad.

They’ve only confirmed the cast, not the plot details.

Speculation has been that Harley is in the Suicide Squad (she is currently when it comes to New 52), and that Joker is actually the antagonist or a sideplot.

That makes more sense.

Also, according to Variety, Warner Bros. is trying to get Jesse Eisenberg (as Lex Luthor) to play a part in this since he’s in the Dawn of Justice movie.

Yeah, I don’t like this casting either. The rest seems good, or it’s characters I don’t know.

I think this cast is pretty awesome. I love Will Smith and think he has a chance to really bring something beyond his usual performances to this. I know he hasn’t made the best movie choices but when he puts his mind to it, the man can act. I don’t think its going to be ID4/Men in Black Will Smith in this role. Its like hating on DeNiro, “that guy from Meet the Fockers and Rocky and Bullwinkle.” Leto and Hardy are regularly great, Jai Courtney had a great turn as Varro on Spartacus, and Margo Robbie seems like she has the chops. The only one I haven’t seen an impressive performance from is Cara Delevinge; the only things I know about her is that she was in Anna Karenina and she is famously bi-curious/gay for dating Hollywood celebs.

But Deadshot wears a full mask. I really can’t see Warner Brothers paying for Will Smith and allowing that. I’m curious to see what they’ll do. I suspect the mask will morph into sunglasses.

The rest of the cast seems fine to me. Having the government throw the Suicide Squad at the Joker has the makings of a fun movie, if that’s the path they choose.

Awe yeah, Jai Courtney is in this, that is the seal of epic failure right there.

In Arrow, they have a version of Deadshot that wears an eyepatch that is replaced by a monocle-thing when he’s working, like this. Could be that, although sunglasses wouldn’t surprise me given Will Smith.

I loved the 90s Suicide Squad comics, but DC’s track record on movies outside of the recent Batman stuff is awful, so I have zero confidence. I will give it a shot, but it’ll be with low expectations.

Same thing in Smallville, apparently.

Fair enough, but I jumped off the Will Smith bus after he phoned it in for Hancock. Which is still one of the worst movies I watched all the way to the end.

I jumped off the Will Smith bus after his kids revealed to the world that they can control time and are the world’s greatest artists.

Holy overreaction, Batman.

Other than Smith, this is a pretty solid cast…Will Smith clearly can act when he’s not being Mr. Smirky. I liked him in The Pursuit of Happyness…he managed a quiet/sad/desperate quality that really worked. This is a semi-serious comic book movie though, so no doubt he’ll be Mr. Smirky.

Jared Leto is a really quality actor, against the odds. He seemingly always makes interesting choices in material.

Tom Hardy was brilliant in Bronson, Warrior and Tinker Tailor. Another guy who always seems to make interesting choices, even though I wish he’d vary his expressions a little more.

OK, admittedly, I’ve never seen a single movie that Jai Courtney has been in, since I try to avoid obviously shitty action movies. Cara Delevinge I’ve never even heard of, but she’s in the upcoming adaptation of Martin Amis’ London Fields and the next Michael Winterbottom film (one of my favorite directors) so she gets a ton of bonus points from me, anyway.

All in all, looks pretty good…directed by David Ayer, who’s made some shit but also made Training Day and End of Watch and Fury (which I haven’t seen yet, but seems to be getting very good reviews). This could be really interesting.

Will Smith’s son is already Batman!

I remember Jai Courtney being good in Spartacus, but he didn’t really make an impression in Jack Reacher. I haven’t seen anything else, but it looks like he’s ended up in some pretty terrible movies. Maybe that’s just bad luck, so I’ll give him the benefit of a doubt, but I also don’t know much about Boomerang, so there’s not a lot riding on that for me.

I get it, black guy in a white bat-suit. Sigh.

Tom Hardy? Wasn’t he already in a DC movie as Bane? These guys are really learning nothing from Marvel Studios, huh?

Chris Evans as Human Torch and Captain America didn’t seem to matter.