Suicide Squad - The Joker, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Boomerang walk into a bar


We should probably mention that Suicide Squad dropped 67.3%. It’s made $466 million worldwide so far and it was still number 1 over the weekend, but that’s a big second-week drop.


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Thinking about These movies just shows the job Disney/Marvel did with the MCU. Arguably the most known comic characters outside of fans have been Batman, Superman , and I’d say Spider-Man. Marvel don’t own the first two and they sold the movie rights of the web slinger to Sony years ago. Yet they built a multi billion dollar franchise from Ironman, Thor , Captain America and other mostly second tier characters. That’s how well they have executed while DC and WB stumble along.


So is this much more violent then the MCU movies? Kids want to see this.


It’s fairly bloodless, but it feels a lot darker and violent than the MCU movies.



I enjoyed the movie enough to not feel sad I spent money on it. It had a ton of plot holes and a couple characters bugged me but it was fine for a summer action movie. Wasn’t very memorable overall. Not sure why it’s getting such terrible reviews


Maybe Jared Leto will like this version more?


Who wants to see all the stuff that they cut out of Suicide Squad?


I kinda, do, if it helps the movie make more sense.


So this is DC’s new shtick. Release a movie that gets poor reviews then go “Oh wait our bad, here’s what we really meant to release”.


I watched the Batman v Superman extended cut a couple weeks back. I found the theatrical experience confused and messy – an overall mediocre film. The extended cut was better on almost every front. Luthor’s plan is much clearer, the messaging about how the world is reacting to Superman’s actions is laid out in a proper arc, character interactions make more sense. It’s just a much better movie. Still flawed, of course. But WB would be served well to try to pretend that the theatrical cut never happened. Just stamp it out of existence.

Suicide Squad was a better movie to start with than BvS. It’s primary weakness was in the bizarre empty role the Joker played in the story. Based on what I saw, I’d have cut him out entirely, but if they’ve got a version where his presence makes sense, I’d be willing to try that too.


I’ve watched the extended version, and the Joker is ok. As an important part of Harley there is enough reason to involve the Joker and not have too much screen time. Also Jared Leto’s Joker is more faithful to the crazy psychopath comic book version of Joker. His expressions are all exaggerated. On par with Mark Hamill IMO. Jack Nicholson’s Joker is pretty much normal Jack Nicholson. Heath Ledger’s Joker is a lot more violent and less crazy (and therefore more realistic).

I’ve always liked Harley, from her “lowly” introduction in the Batman Animated Series to being properly inducted into the comic book timeline. Harley clearly is the stand out character here. She is the evil Avril Lavigne. And she is clearly in an abusive relationship with the Joker. Is she just tragic, crazy or simply stalking the wrong guy? All interesting questions and the movie has something to say about each case (the dream sequence is especially fun). And Margot Robbie got her right, maybe even better than Arleen Sorkin.

Will Smith’s Deadshot is ok. I don’t know Deadshot other than from Arkham City. Here he basically is the by-the-book anti-hero.

Again I know nothing about Viola Davis’s Amanda Waller, but she is sufficiently evil to fit right in an anti-hero movie.

And Jai Courtney finally doesn’t suck, by playing a bogan Aussie. My opinion of him is forever soured by his appearance in Die Hard 5, but here he is ok. Perhaps this is because deep down he really is a bogan???

Cara Delevingne is perhaps the worst. Wooden in almost every scene she is in.

All in all, pretty by the book anti-hero movie IMO.


I saw it this weekend. I really like super heroes movies and tv shows and give them lots of slack. I liked MoS and justice league.

This was dull. Just a bunch of people walking from one boring set piece to the next.


Finally saw it (extended cut). I thought it was the best movie I’ve seen in the current DC continuity and that is not saying a whole lot. I quite liked Robbie’s Harley Quinn, who’s psycho and vulnerable and kind of sweet all in turns. Her accent kind of comes and goes, but oh well. I particularly liked the moments when you’re reminded that even though she’s gone crazy gun moll, she still has a psychiatry degree. Leto’s Joker isn’t awful. And I had nothing particularly against most of the rest of the Squad. But man, the plot is a mess and it’s edited together in a way that’s very awkward and forced. There’s really not very much sense that anyone is an actual villain - I mean, sure, they talk about the characters having done bad things in the past but they barely have to be coerced into fighting the good fight and it’s not terribly long before they start talking about one another as friends. Boomerang is fucking sympathetic to people. He’s supposed to be a complete narcissistic sociopath that literally everyone hates but is easy to manipulate because he’s not terribly bright. Flag actually tries to fucking hug Deadshot. The potentially interesting dynamic of the Enchantress as their big gun who has to be used sparingly because she’s not on their side and is difficult to rein in is tossed completely out the window by immediately making her the main antagonist. There doesn’t appear to be any real attempt to keep the Squad off the books or as a covert/black ops operation. Etc.

A lot of wasted potential. But hey, weirdly heroic villains is better than weirdly amoral True Blue heroes.


I couldn’t finish it, dropped it when I was past the middle point.


I enjoyed it.


Gotham City Sirens

Sirens was a recent comic series from DC that focused on the popular villainesses from Batman’s rogue gallery. Among them were Quinn, Catwoman, Batman’s sometime love interest, and Poison Ivy, who uses plants and their toxins to get what she wants.

Geneva Robertson-Dworet, a top female writer in the action sphere who has also penned scripts for the Tomb Raider remake and Warners’ own Sherlock Holmes 3, is writing the screenplay.

The heads of DC’s film arm, Geoff Johns and Jon Berg, will also be involved in a producorial role.[/quote]

DC still wants to do a full Suicide Squad sequel as well.


Not saying it will be good, but Robbie as Harley is definitely the casting choice to run with.


I really liked Robbie in the role as Harley. She really made that character work, regardless of how the rest of the story was put together.