Suicide Squad - The Joker, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Boomerang walk into a bar


I followed this advice upthread, and just saw the movie. And I agree with this assessment too. It was fun, but missing something to make it great. But it wasn’t a waste of time either. I didn’t feel bitter about wasting my time like I did at the end of Batman vs Superman.

Plus I enjoyed the musical cliches. Those were obviously done on purpose, and haven’t been done in a while. The 70s selections were nice to hear again, and the 90s songs were great to hear. And then the movie ended with that excellent 21 Pilots song. So overall I’d give the music selection a thumbs up.


While there was some good, like Margo Robbie there was a whole lots of bad in this movie. I thought it was worse than Batman v Superman. Very little character development, the Joker was totally wasted in this and clearly put in so they could say “Oh Look it the Joker!” Personally I thought this was the worst version of the Joker Ive seen. The villain was terrible and the woman playing her couldnt act at all. There was so much potential here and they threw it all away. Actually, I cant do how bad this movie was justice so I will instead give you the Honest Trailers review, which is pretty much dead on.


I liked it, made me chuckle, some good action at times, Deadshot and Harley worked. Certainly seen way worse. and don’t regret watching it.


Well, I felt that BvS was a much bigger waste of time than this. I found this pretty okay, at leave I didn’t finish watching going, “WTF?”. The entire “Why did you say that name?” scene was just execrable.


Ayers shtick is normally people fucking each other over. Here the motivations were nonsensical.

Leto is self conscious, Robbie is obnoxious. Sort of like the dirty dozen except you don’t care if they die, as they probably deserve it.


I know this is beating a dead horse, but this video is really great. It very clearly explains some editing principles and why Suicide Squad may not have had the best editing. It applies in general to all movies.


That was really good. Thanks for posting that - I think I’ll watch some more of that guy’s stuff.


I thought the movie was interesting, especially in the way that things I expected to not like I did and things I expected to like I didn’t. I was dreading Will Smith and the Diablo character and ended up liking both in the end.


I felt like there was an absurd amount of time spent watching these characters walk down corridors. Indoor, outdoor, underground… corridors.


If it was watching Harley Quinn walk anywhere, I’ll take it.


I am gonna admit it, this is the only movie that Jai Courtney has not been completely horrible in.


Guess it’s been long enough that Ayers can speak candidly.


Hmmm. Joker as the main villain? More of Jared Leto’s Joker? I think I’d probably prefer the version we got to this alternative timeline version where Ayers went back in time.


I didn’t like Ayer and Leto’s take on The Joker, but I did sort of appreciate that they tried something different. I just know that the Enchantress was dreadful. Really, the whole plot with Enchantress, Incubus, and Waller is terrible, and leads to so many of the issues in the movie for me.


If he was really trying to do something different why did he rip off the basic plot line of half of marvels movies. You know, the ones that culminate in a apocalyptic swirling vortex?
I do think he could have fixed some of the problems with his version of the Joker by giving him a bit more development and made him a bit more central to the plot. As it was he came of as a cliche’ tatted up gangsta boy that was forced in to say “Look we haz the Joker!” It just didnt feel like he added much to the movie.


That’s the thing that let me down so much, as a fan of the original books. The Squad represents Waller’s way of expressing her will around the world. They have a mission, and because of her guile and strength, they will achieve their goal, whatever means necessary. Here, the problem was the assembly of the team itself – Waller lost control. You can do that story, but down the line. The first couple outings have to be about how this woman never loses control, no matter how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I want the Amanda who pushes around Batman:

Instead I got another arm of the governmental incompetence that put Superman on trial in BvS. On second viewing, I see how it fits with the paranoia in Snyder’s vision of DC. But it still doesn’t work for me.


Yeah, the Enchantress plot was similar. this particular execution would probably not have worked anyway, but it is not where you go in the introductory movie because you have to care about Enchantress as a dangerous but controlled weapon in the Squad’s pocket for the really bad situations before her slipping the leash has the proper impact.


A movie with the Joker as the centrepiece will be directly compared to TDK. If Ayer thinks he can do one better or a completely fresh take, then by all means do it. But I think the studio obviously will have some concern on whether he can deliver.

Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress is simply terrible. A folding chair could have done a better job. And according to American Wrestling, a folding chair is infinitely more menacing than she is in the movie.


I watched this last night. I can’t remember much, if any, of it. It just didn’t have any memorable moments at all. Except the Joker laying down in a circle of knives. For some reason.


I’d take Joker even if it was the Leto version over the idiotic Enchantress. Make it about Joker/Harley and a bunch of Arkham crazies running with him. Would be way better than the hot mess we got.