Suicide Squad - The Joker, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Boomerang walk into a bar


Watched the last part again just now. Yeah. Hot mess works for me.


This is a 50 cent rental for PS Plus members for the weekend along with The Magnificent Seven.


That sounds about right.


Uh… Okay, I guess?


Gibson directing a movie about a group of violent sociopaths? Sounds a bit on the nose, if you ask me.


I liked Man Without a Face and Braveheart. I thought both of those were well directed. I haven’t seen anything he’s directed since though. Has anyone seen Hacksaw Ridge, his latest?


93% audience score over at Rotten Tomatoes for Hacksaw Ridge, so maybe he’s better behind the camera?


I thought Hacksaw Ridge was well-directed tripe.

I still love Apocalypto.


Hacksaw Ridge was very well done, and is quite violent but it’s also based on a true story. I mean… you’d have to have a pretty cold or stone heart not to just like the story which makes it easier. I never watched Apocalypto, but I think it’s pretty hard to get the general audience to care about superheroes, harder to get them to care about super villains and still get those characters mostly right. How long did we wait for quality superhero movies to come out and now we’ve got this really long road map of more superheroes than I’ve even heard of

(<<<- doesn’t read comic books)


So, I watched Suicide Squad last night. I’m not exactly sure why, since I haven’t watched Man of Steel or Batman v Superman. I guess I just thought the idea of a supervillain team sounded fun. Well, it was pretty bad, as everyone else said.

But one thing I haven’t seen mentioned here (maybe I missed it) is how completely pointless the second act is. They take a helicopter into the city, have a couple of really uninteresting fights against some (literally!) faceless guys, then get to their objective. Where they do nothing, and another helicopter comes to take them (and their target) away. There was absolutely no reason for them to be sent in there in the first place.


In a movie I also just watched—which I expected to dislike, yet still managed to surprise me with how actively horrible it was—I think that part at least made a little sense.

I thought their objective was to go in and extract Waller. Plan A was to get dropped off close enough to move in on foot, secure Waller and the landing zone so a helicopter could come in and safely extract them.

On their way into wherever they planned to start on foot from, their drop-off helicopter gets shot down, but that doesn’t change much of the plan. They still need to move in on foot and secure Waller, because presumably it was still too dangerous to fly directly to her (supported by the fact that they were shot down before getting even close, her building was overrun with the blobby henchmen, and she didn’t have a force with her already capable of getting her to safety).

So as far as the goal for the mission, that was plausible enough. But the whole rest of the movie was stupid, because there’s no justification at all for sending Task Force X on this mission. You can only justify a team of non-powered criminals on the Suicide Squad when they’re doing Bad Things, missions the government shouldn’t be doing, because they’re expendable and deniable. None of this movie was that.

As for the metahumans on the team, well, one of them is the villain of the movie, so that was a bad idea. Killer Croc was just a lumpy out of shape looking dude who could swim, and while Diablo turns out to be pretty powerful, his role is still just to get a bad guy to stand somewhere so they could blow him up with a bomb the military already had.

There is nothing here that they shouldn’t have just sent Flagg and a bunch of military in to accomplish. I hated this so much more than I expected.


Also, I’m almost certain I told someone long ago that Slipknot looked like the guy you put on the team to kill off to show how serious Waller is. I looked though, and I guess it wasn’t in this thread. So no proof, but I totally called that.


I guess we’ll just have to agree to agree that this movie made no sense.


To be fair to the movie they address that. Flagg says his military guys are better than a bunch of psychos, and Waller just overrides him. And the military guys going with the squad show utmost disdain toward the squad when they first see them. To use the squad to rescue Waller is kind of a trial run: Waller’s ass is literally on the line when it comes proving the effectiveness of her squad. (YO ORIGIN MOVIE!)

Still, one of the squad members CAUSED all the mayhem… Meta explanation: this is just a convenient excuse for a balls-out action movie full of conflicts, emotions, twists, and what-have-you. To see Hollywood superhero blockbuster nowadays is to be reminded of this, over and over. It is so obviously box-ticking it is not funny.


That’s the one aspect of the film that made it kind of intriguing. You just don’t expect a movie about a ragtag bunch of psychos put together to fight threats to earth to have to fight one of their own before the team is even put together. And how it went down that they actually have to fight one of their own is kept kind of under wraps for most of the movie and the details are revealed later.

There was a video in this thread that @Telefrog posted about the editing in this movie. And it’s definitely worth watching, though it did make me realize that the few aspects that I did enjoy about the movie stemmed from some of those editing choices, and I think some of the suggested changes in that video would have made the movie worse for me in those aspects. On the other hand, he was pretty spot on about some of the other bizarre editing choices in the movie.


Yeah that was pretty much the nexus of lameness for the film. An idiot plot and some really questionable casting choices. Flagg had no real character to him beyond enabling the enchantress and the actress who played her was in way over her head. I think the rope guy out-acted them both.


I saw this last night. I don’t think it was a terrible move, but it’s definitely missing magic and was oddly unbalanced when it came to the characters. Their introductions were so individual and light and you kind of wonder why this guy didn’t get one because isn’t he…ooh. Deadshot seemed to be in a different movie than everyone else, and the whole time it felt very jumpy to me like meanwhile let’s jump over to this character and see what she’s doing.

I thought the Joker got a bit of screen time, and that was pretty good. I know there was a lot of talk about his scenes being cut but it seemed okay to me

The main thing is though… this movie did not make me want a Suicide Squad 2 or a want to see the Justice League. Other marketing has helped with Wonder Woman and Justice League but still it didn’t spark the want to see more bug I get from most Marvel movies… and I understand why and where Boomerang get’s his name but his strength/powers… heh, what?


When I think of Suicide Squad, I think of this example of fine writing:

“This is Katana. She’s got my back. I would advise not getting killed by her. Her sword traps the souls of its victims.”


Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that character. Did she ever do anything in the movie after that introduction?


She almost killed June, but they stopped her. She cried a little and talked to the sword/her husband. And she’s not a thief. She was very clear she was not a thief.